All Right Now (Black Halo, #3) by Madelynne Ellis

All Right Now (Black Halo #3)All Right Now (Black Halo, #3) by Madelynne Ellis
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"Your heart knows exactly what it wants. It's just waiting for your head to get with the plan."

I've been a fan of the series from the beginning when I first met Ash & Ginny. When she was a groupie meeting the band for the first time. She was having fun, enjoying life, with no intentions of falling in love or eventually having a relationship. She'd actually decided that all relationships were off the table for her. But Ash changed her mind. Their passion was off the charts and she couldn't let him go.

When all hell broke loose at their last concert, the Black Halo band members circled the wagons to show their support to Ash who just happened to end up the accidental victim of a crime intended for another. They want Ash to resume his position as lead guitarist on their album and upcoming tour, but it's hard to hide their doubts regarding his ability to do so. They will soon be faced with the dreaded decision of going without him if he doesn't find a way to recover his lost abilities as a result of his injury. He knows he's only making it worse by letting his anger loose. Striking out at his band members and his girlfriend won't help anything, but his frustration is getting the best of him and his fear is doing the rest. His future is looking bleak and he's out of ideas.

Ginny has a secret. She hadn't planned on ever needing to share it because she never in her wildest dreams thought that she would end up being with Ash. But the longer she waits to tell him, the harder it becomes to do so. Now that he's been injured and is fighting for his future she needs to concentrate on helping him, not hurting him. Surely it can wait until they get through this latest hurdle? Well, as seems to always be the case, it didn't wait. As all secrets seem to do, it escaped without permission and wreaked havoc on the lives of those affected.

Ginny was his world. She had been there for him, helping him get better. When everyone else, including himself, gave up, she kept fighting for him. She found inventive ways to keep him working towards his recovery. She pushed and played and never let him quit. She stole his heart and made him depend on her, trusting that she would always be there for him. And then she betrayed him...

Will he ever get past the hurt and let her explain? Has she set him back in his recovery, risking his place in the band? Will he ever forgive her for not telling him the truth? Will she ever forgive herself? Do they have a chance at a future together? Can Black Halo overcome another scandal?

Who knows? Madelynne Ellis hasn't written the end of their journey yet. I admit I got a little confused with the intersections of the Rock Hard & Black Halo series. But according to my math, there is still at least one rocker that hasn't found his perfect mate yet. Paul needs to add another woman or two to the family to even out the numbers, right? See ya there. The line forms here...


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