Another Postcard (Stone Butterfly Rockstars, #1) by Elle Christensen

Another Postcard (Stone Butterfly Rockstars Book 1)Another Postcard by Elle Christensen
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Levi was so damn good with words, he was always making me melt, my heart and my panties."

Yup, all it took was the 'rockstar' in the title and I was ready to try a new author. What can I say, I'm an addict. I just can't resist a sexy tattooed rocker, and Levi was no exception. And now I have a new author to stalk. I'm so glad I happened across Another Postcard, because it was amazing. I'll most definitely be back for more Stone Butterfly Rockstars.

Brooklyn is broken. She's got a past that she prefers to keep hidden and a responsibility that she takes seriously. Though she's in hot demand in the music world, she rarely travels far from home. It takes an offer that she can't refuse to get her to change her mind. Her favorite rock band, Stone Butterfly, is an opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime. She's inspired to make some changes to make it work. She's stretching her wings and her comfort zone. Determined to live her dream and make music. What she doesn't expect is to feel like part of their family, like she belongs. That makes it even harder to hold on to her secrets. Making her want more. Making her want him...

Levi is the lead singer. The sexy vocalist that slays the crowd and has fans lined up to make all his fantasies come true. While he's enjoyed the benefits of his fame, he's never been tempted beyond immediate gratification. He's never wanted more.
Until her... 
When the band finds themselves in need of a replacement backup singer, they procrastinate. They wait till the last minute and are forced to hold auditions. Levi considers this punishment of the worse kind. It isn't until he's almost given up hope of finding someone that  she shows up and rocks his world. He's used to women falling at his feet. He's never had to pursue one. Until her...  He's determined to win her over and keeps asking her out to no avail. She's just as determined to keep him in the friend zone.

Brooklyn doesn't let on that Levi is getting to her. She doesn't want to risk her newfound family with Stone Butterfly by attempting a relationship with one of the members. But that doesn't mean she didn't melt every time he asked her out. How long will she be able to hide her feelings? The more time they spend together, the harder it gets. Yes, pun intended. (wink-wink)

I really enjoyed this first book in a new series that I fully intend to continue. I'm totally drawn in and invested. I've fallen in love with all the band members and I can't wait to spend more time with them. The line forms here...


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