Approaching the Bench (Conflict of Interest, #3) by Chantal Fernando

Approaching the Bench (Conflict of Interest, #3)Approaching the Bench (Conflict of Interest, #3) by Chantal Fernando
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Who am I to judge the judge?"

I fell in love with the author's Wind Dragons MC series and decided to follow her into whatever she decided to write next. I must say that I'm really enjoying her Conflict of Interest series as well. I've grown quite attached to her legal team that continues to grow as each one finds love in some of the most interesting ways.

I met Callum when he was interning in the legal office, and I must say he's even more entertaining as a clerk for a female judge. His wit and charm are hard to resist, so his new boss doesn't stand a chance. They might call her Medusa behind her back, but as far as he's concerned, "The only thing she turns to stone is my cock..."

Trinity was the youngest female judge in the state when she took office, so it was important to her that she prove herself as being confident, firm, and decisive. She mastered the skill of hiding her emotions and maintaining a cold stare which earned her the nickname being used behind her back. Judge Judy as nothing on her.

When a threat is made against the judge, Callum comes to the rescue. "What an unlikely hero. My overly chatty, smart-ass law clerk." When law enforcement decides to keep them in a safe house until the threat is taken care of, they find themselves alone together. Without their heavy caseload and all those rules and regulations to keep their attraction from being a distraction, it becomes more than they can ignore.

As always, the author turns up the heat and throws in some suspense to keep things interesting. That's why I keep coming back for more. I can't get enough and I'm always ready for more, regardless of what subject she decides to tackle next. The line forms here...

$2.99/Amazon (Coming Feb. 19th!)

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