Arrogant Bastard (Dark Desires, #3) by Zara Cox

Arrogant Bastard (Dark Desires, #3)Arrogant Bastard by Zara Cox
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"She is everything. And I die just a little bit, knowing I may not be her everything."

I found author Zaro Cox by accident a while back and she blew my mind with her word wizardry. Now I'm a serious fangirl that would be camping out overnight in the ticket line if she was a rockstar selling tickets to a concert. There's something magical about the way she writes passion that has me gasping for breath at the intensity of feeling she gives her characters. It's so addictive it makes other books pale by comparison.

Faith is hiding. She's had the very best training and she's very good at it. What she doesn't want to admit, is that she's hiding from herself. From her secret and her guilt. She had everything she ever wanted...and she lost it. Now nothing in life compares. So she's not living, she's surviving. Surviving on her memories of him.

He is badass. He's got the very best in technology at his disposal. He's got an endless supply of money available to him. He's got the looks and physique to have women lined up around the block wanting him. But none of that means anything to him. All he wants is her. She's everything. And he lost her. Yes, he knows he corrupted her. He knows she feels guilty for what they did. He shares that guilt. But he wouldn't change it. He's willing to live in hell to be with her. But apparently she doesn't feel the same way, because she ran from him. He's been searching for her for four years. He doesn't care that she doesn't want to be found. He can't breathe without her. She's his everything. And he's finally found her.

Faith is ready to run again. She feels the danger getting closer. But he finds her first. And he might be even more dangerous. Dangerous to her heart. She doesn't know if she can find the strength to leave him again. She didn't want to go the first time. But she's hiding a secret that she knows will probably be the end of them if he finds out. She can't keep it from him forever. But she keeps waiting. Just one more kiss. Just one more night. Just one more memory before she loses her everything. And then the other danger catches up to her. The choice is taken away from her. She has to fight. She has to risk it all...again.

I'm so in love with this author and this series. I can't wait to see what she has next, whether it's another book in the Dark Desires series or something new. I don't care what subject she decides to tackle next, I'm ready. The line forms here...

Coming September 12th!  Get the whole amazing series! 

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