Awkward by Lily Kate

Awkward.: A sexy romantic comedy!Awkward by Lily Kate
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"He's both the figment of my fantasies and the bane of my existence."

Awkward was my introduction to Lily Kate. I just couldn't resist the hot cover and intriguing synopsis. And, I can't resist an awkward nerd either. Too many delicious details to pass up finding out more about the #DeliciousDrDarcy.

Allie is a kindergarten teacher. She's content with her life. She has both a male and a female best friend. Which is great for her because she needs counseling on a regular basis. Her girlfriend is also a teacher and they enjoy sharing their wine and their dating lives with each other. Or lack thereof as the case may be. It seems everyone knows how Allie feels about Jack, except Jack. Because he's her best friend and she wants the best for him, even if it's not her, she tries to help him with his dating disasters. And let me tell you, that's not an exaggeration, he's a mess.

Jack is a surgeon and one of the best in his field. He's very confident in his profession. It's his love life that needs some work. He's ready to settle down with a wife and kids and to accomplish that he needs to make it past the first date. As a last resort, he calls on his best friend and places his love life in her hands, willing to be schooled in the art of romance.

This is where it goes from funny to hilarious. Being a romance reader myself, I agree with Allie that the best place to start is a romance novel. "Romance isn't complete without a little fairytale." Forcing a doctor who is used to memorizing scientific data and medical reports to read erotic romance and discuss it is very entertaining.

I had so much fun reading the #RulesOfRomance that I wanted to sign up for a course myself. I also wanted to be a fly on the wall during one of Jack's dating fiascos. He really has no clue why they fail every single time. If only he would listen to me, I could set him straight. But though I'm in his head, privy to his thoughts, it doesn't work both ways. Isn't it funny how some men can be so smart about some things and so dumb about others? I can't help it, I just find him even more adorable when he's clueless, knowing that when he finally wakes up there's going to be a very lucky lady on the receiving end of his puzzled smile.

Allie is sweet and funny. Her internal dialogue is amusing and being inside her head is exhausting. She has some really great ideas that had me cheering her on, and some really bad ideas that had me relieved that my Kindle is encased in a rubber shockproof case. But most of all I appreciated her big heart that put others before herself. I approved of her well-intentioned thoughts, but not necessarily every action. Like her, I'm all about the HEA, but sometimes the path to happiness is more obvious to some than others. Sometimes the teacher ends up being the student.

I really enjoyed getting #DrunkOnDarcy in this sexy #RomCom and look forward to reading more from this author. The line forms here...


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