Badd Luck (Badd Brothers, #5) by Jasinda Wilder

Badd Luck (Badd Brothers, #5)Badd Luck (Badd Brothers, #5) by Jasinda Wilder
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Quitting is for quitters."

Woo Hoo! Finally, the twins. I've been waiting for these identical rockstars to get their book, but what a treat to find out they are taking a second, third, and forever look at their childhood best friends, the Kingsley twins. Thank you to the author for doing such a great job of describing each character so carefully so that this reader was not scratching her head trying to figure out which twin's POV I was reading. But, surely you realize that she doesn't give those special powers to the characters, right? No, it's much more fun if  they get confused and entertain us!

I'm a music lover and a rockstar romance addict. So these two Badd brothers have had my attention from the beginning and I've been very excited to get to know them better. Before you start reading, let me point out that they are only 20 yrs old. They have had international success with their music careers and received lots of media and groupie attention. They recently left their concert tour and gave up their band in order to move home to Alaska to help their brothers run the family-owned bar. This was a stipulation in their father's will that ALL of the brothers had to comply with. So instead of playing to thousands of fans, they are the live music at the bar. To be so young, they have already traveled the world and accomplished so much.

The sisters grew up in Alaska, but haven't been home in years. They are traveling the world working as models. Their momager and agent are keeping them so busy they are exhausted and ready for a break. As we learned in the previous book, they are friends with the love interest of one of the Badd brothers. When they learn some disturbing news regarding their friend, they decide to check-in with their longtime best friends and give them a heads-up. Imagine their surprise when they see the boys for the first time after their long absence. You know, those sexy, muscled rock gods with the tattooed sleeves, heavy silver rings, piercings, and long blonde hair. Let's just say the brotherly feelings left the building and the hormones arrived.

What fun it was to witness the twin reunion. Being inside their heads was a confusing place to be sometimes and hilarious at others. Imagine being attracted to one, who looks just like the other. How could you not be attracted to that one too, since they are the same? I love how the author chose to describe that situation as a four-way, multi-directional attraction. This reader's head was going in multiple directions, that's for sure. Of course, I had their futures all mapped out for them in my head, hoping that the author had the same vision. I was impatient to learn how they would partner up, and if they would get it right on the first try. Isn't that the wonderful thing about reading, the anticipation and then the sigh of satisfaction when you finally get your answers? Just for fun, I'll share a snippet, without telling you which twin said it. "But when I'm around Corin? It's like someone threw jet fuel on wildfire." You're welcome. (wink-wink)

As you know by now, since this is the 5th book in the series, you don't get all the answers. We always get teased with a glimpse of what's coming next. Knowing there is more to come keeps me happy as I wait. I'm dreading the day we run out of Badd brothers, I'm addicted, and I've got it Badd! The line forms here...

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