Badd Mojo (Badd Brothers, #6) by Jasinda Wilder

Badd Mojo (Badd Brothers, #6)Badd Mojo (Badd Brothers, #6) by Jasinda Wilder
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Life is too short to waste it being afraid of getting hurt."

I love the twin covers! They are perfect for Corin & Canaan! And I have to admit, I liked the 2nd twin book even more than the first. The author took me on an emotional journey through past hurts and betrayals that made it easy to understand the struggles the twins were facing. Which twins you ask, well both of them, of course! I'm even a bigger fan of the Badd family if that's even possible. I just wanna take a trip to Alaska and sit at the family table in their bar, watching, listening and laughing with them.

Cane is struggling with his current relationship status, or lack thereof. His twin brother seems to have it all together, in spite of the recent surprise that knocked him on his ass. He seems happy and relaxed, not worrying about the future of their music career. They'd been a duo all their lives. They did everything together and had everything all planned out. Now it's gone to shit and he seems to be the only one worried about it. And then there's his best friend. Is that all they are, or is there more? Their chemistry tops the charts and she rocks his world. But where do they go from here? Every time they are on the verge of talking about it, one or both of them get scared and they end up in bed instead. If touches were words, they would have written a love song between the sheets. But actually risking their hearts with a real conversation about their feelings is too dangerous to contemplate.

With surprising revelations and out of control tempers the two sets of twins faced a separation for the first time. For once, they weren't on the same path, sharing the same feelings. Each had to come to grips with their own individuality and personal choices for themselves, independent of their twin. That was not something any of them had envisioned and it was very difficult to process and accept. When love comes into the equation, their focus moves from themselves to the one who has their heart. Everything changes. Will they take a chance by admitting their love, or keep it to themselves to avoid the possible pain of rejection? Which would be worse, not having their feelings returned, or not being brave enough to find out?

I'm a huge fan of music-themed books so Bad Mojo was a major treat for me. I was so excited when I first learned that there were twin Badd brothers who were rockstars. The anticipation nearly killed me as I waited for it to be their turn to have the story focused on them. And then when the author decided to give each twin a separate book that was even better, extending the pleasure. And a pleasure it was...

Again the author ends with the beginning of the next book. She teases her readers with a glimpse into the future, letting us know who will be featured next. Just enough to tantalize and intrigue us, opening our minds to the possibilities. I'm again beside myself with excitement to get my hands on Big Badd Wolf! The line forms here...


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