Beautiful Killer (Lawless Kings, #3) by Sherilee Gray

Beautiful Killer (Lawless Kings, #3)Beautiful Killer (Lawless Kings, #3) by Sherilee Gray
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Rough, gritty perfection."

I found this author by accident, and this is now the third book I've read, but only the 2nd in the Lawless Kings series. I really enjoy her writing style, she ticks all my boxes.

I have a weakness for broken, bad boys and all of the Lawless Kings fit that description. And alpha is an understatement. As each of them finds a strong woman to bring out their caveman tendencies their close-knit group grows. Zeke is fond of the women his friends have found, but he has no desire to find one of his own. He's pretty much decided that love and family are not in his future. He doesn't deserve a future, at least not in his own mind.

Sunny is the perfect name for her. It amazes me that she has such a sunny disposition considering the lack of love in her life. All she's ever wanted is a family that loved her, but she's been denied that at every turn. She's been alone for a very long time. When she runs into Zeke, her response is, "" She just wants to not feel alone for a night, she doesn't expect more, which is a good thing since he doesn't have more to give.

According to Zeke, "I've been living off guilt and anger and a driving need to somehow balance the scales to take down as many lowlife pieces of shit as I could..." He was so damaged and self-destructive, it was heartbreaking. Zeke's PTSD guaranteed he was never well rested, the nightmares chasing him relentlessly. He knew he had nothing to offer but a few hours of pleasure, but she seemed okay with that. She didn't even seem upset when he left her.

They both went into it with the same expectations. And she came out with, " "I just had the best sexual experience of my life with a complete stranger, a scary, rough, growly scarred stranger." And his poetic interpretation was, "Sunny had been a shooting star through my endlessly starless night. A flash of brilliant light in the darkness. Perfect, but fleeting." Of course, it was impossible for me not to be doing some masterful mental matchmaking, willing these two damaged characters to find their way past their pain to forever. But what a lot of pain to overcome, and then throw in some of those lowlifes that needed to be taken down and what a suspenseful story Beautiful Killer is.

I'm totally addicted to this series and can't wait to spend more time with the kings and their queens in future installments. The line forms here...


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