Breaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle

Breaking HollywoodBreaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones


I'm never disappointed by anything Samantha Towle writes, she's one of my auto-click authors. And let me tell you, Breaking Hollywood is a gem. I was invested by the first page and it kept me laughing and entertained beyond the last page. Yeah, I still find myself smiling as I remember the non-stop bickering, sarcasm, and witty banter between Gabriel & Ava. And then there's Gucci...sigh. ♥

She thought she had the perfect boyfriend, the perfect apartment, and a perfect job. How could her perfect life get so messed up so quickly? Ava thinks she's having a bad day, until it gets worse. In her defense, her tears were distorting her vision after she got fired from her job, it's no wonder she managed to run over her celebrity crush as she was pulling out of the parking lot. As she rushes to help him she comes face-to-face with beauty and the beast. Yes, he's gorgeous, and he's an asshole too. Every word out of his mouth is an insult. She can't walk away from her feeling of responsibility for his pain and suffering, so she offers her help in spite of his extremely rude behavior. But she doesn't have to do it quietly. Nope, she gives as good as she gets and throws attitude right back at him. When the Dr. says that he needs help and that he can't go home alone, guess who the lucky caretaker is?

Being the famous movie star that he is, Gabriel's used to people bowing and scraping. Not having his insults tossed right back in his face with humor and intelligence. He needs help so he decides to use her guilt against her, figuring that she'll be more entertaining than the nurse for hire his brother threatens him with. When he finds himself enjoying her company and her cooking a little too much, he doesn't want her searching the classifieds. He wants to keep her all to himself.

I literally laughed out loud at the witty banter between Gabriel and Ava. They were hilarious. Their chemistry was explosive and it was so fun waiting for it to get the best of them. I couldn't wait for them to give into it and take their fighting to the sheets. I thoroughly devoured this wonderful story, refusing to put it down and reading it cover to cover in one sitting. I highly recommend Breaking Hollywood and look forward to whatever comes next from this amazing author. The line forms here...

$3.99/Amazon (Coming October 3rd!)

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