Broken Rebel (Lawless Kings, #2) by Sherilee Gray

Broken Rebel (Lawless Kings, #2)Broken Rebel (Lawless Kings, #2) by Sherilee Gray
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"I wanted to lick him from head to toe and kick him in the nuts all at once."

I read Broken Rebel as a standalone, but it was so damn good I want to go back and read the first book in the Lawless Kings series now that I know that there will probably be a book for each of the guys in the agency. They are all amazing characters that I want to spend some more time with and learn about their backgrounds. I already know that every single one of them is a broken bad boy which is my favorite kind.

Ruby and Neco grew up as neighbors. He was her hero, saving her from her wicked stepmother. But he didn't have it much better himself. They comforted each other, drawing strength from their bond. What started as friendship turned into love, but it was denied. Neco had to do unmentionable things to take care of his mother. He's dirty. Though he wants Ruby, he won't allow himself to have her. She's his light and he doesn't want to be her darkness. So, he resigns himself to treat her like a sister and to be her protector. Putting himself, and her, through hell to keep that promise to himself.

"I was his...just not in the way I wanted to be. He'd appointed himself as my protector, my hero, when I was just a little girl." 
Now Ruby is all grown up. And she's overwhelmed with love and lust for her best friend. Their relationship is dysfunctional. But neither can stand the thought of being separated from the other. Both in constant contact with what they so desperately want, but can't have. She's forced to see him with other women. Nothing serious, just one-night-stands. But they get to touch what she craves. He has to see her male roommate that he hates. They were an explosion just waiting to happen. I enjoyed every page of the process.

I really really like this author's writing style. She touched on some touchy subjects and did it in a way that touched me emotionally. She took two deeply damaged characters and make me feel their pain and their passion. She created a villain that had me upset and raging, wanting to throw my kindle, but not willing to disrupt my reading to find another device. I will most definitely be stalking her as I wait for the next book in this amazing series. The line forms here...

$3.99/Amazon (Coming Oct 10th!)

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