Cade (A Wesley Brothers Novel, #1) by Michelle Smith

Cade (A Wesley Brothers Novel, #1)Cade (A Wesley Brothers Novel, #1) by Michelle Smith
Laura's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Cade is Michelle Smith's debut book and holy moly I loved it! Talk about a smokin' hot, sexy as hell read! The characters are engaging and entertaining. Not to mention a hotter than hell bartender and his equally as hot brothers. Did I mention this story was smokin'

Cade, Cade, are BBF material. Seriously if you can get past the bar scene with your panties dry, then there is seriously something wrong with you. Damn, I needed a cold shower after that one...yes I am faguebooking here...if I say anymore it will give it all away!

Nora...I loved her just for her name! Working as a paralegal was something she never set out to do, but when he past boyfriend accepts a job in Texas, she picks up and follows him. She never imagined that he would walk away from her once she made the move. She likes her job and is good at it. When her boss asks her to accompany her on a business trip to Miami, Nora never imagined that the gorgeous, sexy bartender would keep her occupied for more than a few days and nights.

I really enjoyed the fact that I got to read about Cade's character and where he comes from and what drives him to be the hard working man that he is. Granted the story is a little insta-love, but you don't get that from the get-go. The first few chapters are about Cade and Nora's lives as individuals and I loved the build-up to their first meeting and then the sparks fly! The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot. What starts out as a simple fling, quickly becomes something more than they are both ready to admit to. But it is all told in a great way. You get that they have this amazing connection and they are both fighting this crazy feeling that they have for each other, knowing that it can't possibly go anywhere after the few days that they may have together.

Can one week of happiness and bliss be enough for both Cade and Nora to enjoy or will they find a way to get past the distance and job obstacles that stand in their way of true happiness...something they both never set out to find, but now is within their grasp? Grab your copy of this super sexy, sweet, smokin' hot read and get whisked away into everything Cade! Michelle Smith has gained a new fan and I cannot wait to get started on Sloan's story.

5 iScream Stars

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