Claim & Protect (Haven Brotherhood, #2) by Rhenna Morgan

5 of 5 iScream Cones

Claim & ProtectClaim & Protect by Rhenna Morgan
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Anything." "Everything." "Always."

Confession, I never heard of this author until I happened upon one of her covers that caught my eye. And now I'm addicted. I somehow missed book 2 in this series. Apparently my stalking skills are not up to par. So I can say with assurance that you can read these books as standalones, but you would be missing out. I'm very intrigued about the 2nd book and want to go back and read it at some point in the future, even though I know the characters involved, I want to spend some quality time with them. And, after making it to the end of Claim and Protect, I now know who the next book in the Men of Haven series will feature and I am beside myself with excitement. This particular 'brother' has some particular qualities that push all my buttons, and I can't wait to see how skilled he is in other areas too (wink-wink).

Trevor is a multi-talented dude with multiple businesses to keep him busy. He's living the life, doing what he loves, surrounded by family and friends. He's not looking for more. But when it finds him, he has a hard time convincing himself that he doesn't want it. After two of his brothers found their soul mates, he's seen what it looks like. And even before that, he had some good role models that showed him how it could be. He just never saw himself in that role. He has secrets that make sharing his life with someone a risk he's not willing to take. At least that's what he always believed...
until her.

Natalie doesn't trust herself to make good decisions. A big mistake in her past has followed her and won't give her any peace. She's lost so much, and afraid of losing more. She's starting over with almost nothing and determined to make smart choices this time around. She's got a plan for her future and she's doing her best to follow it. But her past keeps getting in the way. She tries to handle it on her own, but it's not just herself she has to worry about. Maybe she needs to reevaluate her situation and see if there's room for a sexy cowboy who wants to keep her safe...
among other things.
She tried to keep her eyes focused elsewhere, but like magnets they were drawn to him again and again. He should be off limits. But when he's the one making the rules, maybe it wouldn't hurt to touch the merchandise...
at least once.

Claim and Protect is an amazing book that will have you unwilling to put it down. I suggest you plan ahead because you will become addicted very quickly and mom and wife duties will fall by the wayside until you turn the last page. It's full of humor, suspense, sweetness and sexy time. It's a full package that will leave you with a smile and an ache for more when you get to the end. I'm sooo ready for more. The line forms here...



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