Cocksure (Cocksure, #1) by K.I. Lynn & Olivia Kelley

Cocksure (Cocksure, #1)Cocksure (Cocksure, #1) by K.I. Lynn & Olivia Kelley
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Man...I have been on such a book high these last several books I have been reading at the end of this year...and I just added another to my fav 2017 pile!!! Cocksure has everything I love in a book!!!

Well, look at the name of the book...You know it's gotta have one of those Cocky alpha, dirty talken take no shit kind of man in it!!! And Y. E. S. it does, Cocksure does not disappoint in any of these

Niko will be your next book boyfriend ladies!! He just makes me swoon!!

He is one of those guys that doesn't do repeats and he has a set of rules he lives by:

"Never bring them back to your place.
Only one night.
Don't catch feelings.
See all rules above."

You will also fall in love with Everly. She will have you laughing at the things she says and does. And maybe want to throw your Kindle a few times when she is a bit hard She has been gone for seven years. She caught her boyfriend cheating on her so she decided to move back home. She is supposed to meet up with her brother at a bar but ends up running into the boy she had a childhood crush on, her first love. He doesn't recognize her, he remembers her as the geeky girl, glasses, braces, ponytail and clothes that didn't flatter her body. But ohhh does Everly recognizes him. She had been stalking her brothers FB account where she would see pics of Niko. They hang out for a bit and she doesn't lead on to who she actually is and even gives Niko a fake name so he doesn't realize who she really is. Everly knows her brother will have a freaking fit if he found out she was messing around with one of his best friends. That's huge guy/brother code there!! She also figures with her new job and all she would never see him again anyway so she decides that she is going to play the player!!

I gave Cocksure 5 iScream Orgasmic Cones!! I sooo loved reading this wonderful cocky, full of banter Hawt as Shit book!!! Make sure you pick up Cocksure on release day to find out just how Niko finds out who Everly is and if Everly's brother is going to kill him hiding this little secret from

#postitnotes ohhh you will love the meaning of this when you read this part!!!

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