Combust (Savage Disciples MC, #5) by Drew Elyse

Combust (Savage Disciples MC #5)Combust (Savage Disciples MC, #5) by Drew Elyse
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Dax will make your panties and your Kindle combust!

I've been waiting to finally get me some #RazzleDazzle! After learning how Daz got his road name I can't help smirking every time I see it. He's a unapologetic manwhore with a heart of gold. You want to be disgusted by his lame one-liners, but he's just too adorable to hate. Especially when you see him turn to mush when Stretch's little girl, Emma, calls him 'Untle Daz'. He's her favorite, and it drives her daddy crazy. The Savage Disciples MC are one big family that loves and supports each other...and theirs. They don't limit their support to members, it extends to close friends and family too. Which is how Max joined the family as Quinn's bestie. She's outrageous and gives Daz a run for his money in the banter department. They are good for hours of entertainment.

Daz has been chasing Avery since the first time he saw her. Her beauty, her fiery red hair, her body and her sass had him drooling and trying every trick in his arsenal to get her in his bed, but nothing seems to get her attention in a positive way. All he seems to be rewarded with is eye rolls and cupcakes. And while he really really loves her cupcakes, it's her he wants to taste.

Avery has been around the block. She knows men and Daz's reputation has preceded him. She knows he's a manwhore who charms the women until he gets what he wants and then he moves on. He's her boss, and she knows better than to go there. But she does spoil him with her homemade cupcakes at their management meetings. She loves seeing him devour them, while imagining him doing the same to her.

When Avery decides to give Daz a special treat on his birthday, the tables get turned and she ends up being on the receiving end. She decides that he's a lot of fun, and he's earned his reputation. However; she never imagined there was more to him. He was just a boy that liked to play and didn't ever want to grow up. At least that's what she thought. Until his world was torn apart and he couldn't hide his pain. Until she saw the man behind the cocky comedian.

The brothers and their women have been predicting the downfall of Daz forever. While they claim that he will never settle down with one woman, that's what they want for him. They know it would take a very special woman to satisfy him long-term. They just tolerate his teasing and wait for the time they can return it tenfold.

As I mentioned before, Daz's story was one that I was really anticipating. He's so funny, I was expecting non-stop laughs. I wasn't expecting the tears. I was an emotional mess, laughing one minute and crying the next. The author put me through the wringer. And I loved it. I'm so addicted to the Savage Disciples MC family. I'm so invested in all of their lives. I can't get enough of this series. I'm so very relieved to report that this isn't the end. The author left me with a teaser that will have me gnawing on my nails in anticipation for the next book. The line forms here...

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