Cruise (Savage Disciples MC, #6) by Drew Elyse

Cruise (Savage Disciples MC #6)Cruise (Savage Disciples MC, #6) by Drew Elyse
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"Every time I see you smile, a little more of my heart chips off into your hands."

I've become so addicted to this amazing Savage Disciples MC series that I was torn between the excitement of wanting to read Cruise and the realization that once I do, it will be over. And I'm not ready for it to be over...pouting.

Stone has been behind bars for the last eighteen months. He wouldn't change it; he stands by his decision to do the time for his brother, for his club. He had decided before all hell broke loose that he would stop stalking Evie at the diner where she works. After learning that she felt the same attraction to him that he felt for her he felt that it was best to stay away. She's so young and innocent and beautiful. She has her whole life ahead of her, and he's lived much of his already. It was his thoughts of her that got him through the hours of loneliness and isolation during his imprisonment.

Evie's day passed bad about a mile back and she was deep into the worst day of her life. She was alone, broke, and stranded on the side of a deserted road late at night. The last person she expected to see was Stone, the sexy biker that rejected her so long ago. She'd jokingly dubbed him Mr. President back when they would chat while he was eating lunch. She knew he was used to giving orders and having his questions answered. But she didn't want to admit the hot mess she was in. I don't even need to tell you how that turned out, right? Who could deny Stone anything? Certainly not me...sigh.

Evie is trying not to get her hopes up. But seeing Stone had all her feelings for him rushing back to the surface. She'd tried to bury them, telling herself he didn't want her. But when he looked at her and talked to her, that's not how it felt.

The story is told in multiple POV, so I was inside the heads of both characters. Talk about being in a HOT seat, that is exactly where I was. Just their thoughts and fantasies about each other had my kindle almost melting in my hands. The sexual tension was torture for all three of us, and when it was finally satisfied I had a virtual cigarette afterward.And another after the And another after the #DoorSex  ShowerSex & #MakeUpSex.  😉

Cruise was an epic finale to one of my favorite series and it was so good I started reading slower to keep from turning that last page. The 'club business' was exciting and the suspense was thrilling, so it was hard not to rush to the end to get my answers. But it was so wonderful to spend time with the Savage Disciple family. The brothers and their women and children are so fun and full of personality. They have such a strong bond and it was so great to see them welcome Evie into their fold. Even when Stone was pushing her away, they were pulling her in.

I'm very excited to report that though this is the last book in this series, there will be a spin-off coming next and I'm very excited about that. Even if one character crosses paths with a club member that gives me hope of seeing some of my favorites again in the future. I can't wait! The line forms here...

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