Down & Dirty (Lightning, #1) by Tracy Wolff

5 of 5 iScream Cones

Down & Dirty (Lightning, #1)Down & Dirty by Tracy Wolff
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Touch Down! Another winner for Tracy Wolff!

I may have discovered this author by accident, but I'm smart enough to not let her get away now that I've found her. No, I'm not a stalker, just a fan-girl with good taste in books. I get excited when I see her name on a book cover, knowing that I have something delicious to look forward to. And let me tell you, Down & Dirty is delicious. It's better than chocolate, and much more satisfying.

Emerson might have graduated from the school of hard knocks, but she's still getting knocked down. The one good thing that's happened recently is her new job. But it's hanging by a thread now that her car is dead and she is gonna be late to work, even if she can get a ride. And if that's not enough to ruin her day, some idiot just sprayed water all over her work clothes as she was finally arriving late to work. The cocky jerk wasn't even sorry, she could tell. She refused to inflate his head any further by admitting that she knew who he was. She's a huge fan of the Lightning football team he plays for. But she'd keep that to herself and just concentrate on trying to salvage her job.

Hunter is dealing with some hard knocks of his own. He didn't intend to drown the lady, but he couldn't deny that he enjoyed the results. Soaking her skirt and blouse had been an accident, but not one that he regretted. He was enjoying it too much to take it back. Not only was she beautiful, she was feisty too. She was pushing all of his buttons, even ones that he didn't know he had. He was in a bad mood when he showed up, dreading what was to come. But now that he'd seen her, more of her than she intended , he wasn't as reluctant to enter the building they were standing in front of.

Have I intrigued you? I was very curious, wondering what had Hunter twisted. And when I found out, I wanted to go back to not knowing. Because now I was sharing his pain. He let me inside of his head and his heart and made me twisted too. As the story unfolded, I was mentally calculating the outcome. Holding my breath and hoping for things to turn around. Some might say that he and Emerson moved too quickly, but I'm here to say there's passion, and then there's PASSION. And what happened between the two of them was a chemistry so strong that I felt it through the pages of the book, fearing it might spontaneously combust before I got to the last page.

I was totally invested in the characters and emotionally involved in the story. It tugged at my heartstrings and fogged up my glasses. It made me laugh...and cry. It made me smile and blush. It made me want more... Let me tell you, I was very relieved to learn that there will be more. The next book in the series will be Hot & Heavy. The line forms here...



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