Down on Me (Man of the Month, #1) by J. Kenner

Down on Me (Man of the Month, #1)Down on Me (Man of the Month, #1) by J. Kenner
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"Best friends forever, right? The Three Muskateers. "Or three blind mice, depending on your point of view."

I was so excited when I heard about the Man of the Month series. Knowing that I had 12 books to look forward to and a collection of characters that I would become attached to and be able to spend time with rates high with me. After seeing this first cover for #MrJanuary I suffered a severe case of  CoverLust and expect my symptoms to recur for each month that follows.

I was thrown right into Reece's suffering from the first chapter. It was 8 months after his first realization that he was having impure thoughts about his best friend, Jenna. Well, not exactly the first time he noticed she was a girl, but the first time he was tempted to do something about it. Since then he's been unable to escape his lustful fantasies. It was somewhat manageable when she moved to LA, but now that she's coming home, it will be a struggle to hide his feelings. He wants her.

Jenna has been best friends with Brent & Reece since she was eleven years old. She knows that they love her and would do anything she asked, no matter what. They are her family, the only one she has other than her mom. No matter how much she is lusting after Reece, she's not willing to risk what they have. She knows how he feels about relationships, and what she wants is just not possible. She wants him.

Holy sexual tension Batman! Being inside the heads of these two lust-struck characters had me turning on the fan in winter! I was offering plenty of relationship advice, which they both promptly ignored. But it was fun waiting for the inevitable to happen. We all knew they could only hold out for so long, right?

In the meantime, all the people pulling together to save the local bar was exciting. The friends, family, and celebrities that got involved in the calendar project and the countdown to their deadline amped up the suspense. Getting a glimpse into the lives of the support characters gave me an inkling into what the author might have in store for her readers. To say that I'm chomping at the bit is an understatement. I'm bouncing with excitement to get my hands on #MrFebruary. The line forms here...

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