El Santo (The Saint, #1) by M. Robinson

El Santo (The Saint)El Santo (The Saint, #1) by M. Robinson
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

El Santo

EEEPPPP...I have been sooo excited for this book to come out...like impatiently waiting..lol

”I couldn’t have been more grateful to have her. She didn’t deserve me either, but no amount of training could ever condition her out of my life. I’d conformed to a lot of things I wasn’t proud of, but she would never be one of them. She had always been my refuge from the chaos going on in my daily life. She was the exception. She was my exception.”

Holy shit!!!! Get ready to get your socks knocked off while reading El Santo!!! In pure M. Robinson fashion, you will go through all of her angsty, hawt as Hell, crying, swoon and make you want to throw that kindle across the room kind of book!! M. is soo Amazing at writing Angst!!!

Damien was sent to kill her family, but when he got to her…he was having a hard time doing it. He told her to run, don’t look back. He vowed to take care of her though, but at a distance. He could never let his leader find out what he had done. But over the years, he couldn’t stay away, visits on her birthday's just were not enough. He was falling for her!

”Her mind.
Her body.
Her soul.
Her Heart.”

But their relationship was toxic at times, it was sweet, it was HAWT, it was ANGSTY and it could be ohhh sooo heartbreaking just like you know how M. Robinson loves to make her readers feel!!! She loves to bring us to our knees!!!

I gave El Santo 5 Angsty iScream Cones!!! Could not get enough, could not put it down. Thank you for another fan-dam-tastic read M. Robinson!!!

$3.99/Amazon (Coming Nov. 16th!) 

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