Everest by S.L. Scott

EverestEverest by S.L. Scott
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"How does one repay the sun for shining?

I honestly had no clue what I was in for when I started reading Everest. It's much more than insta-love or second-chance-romance. It's fate and hope and dreams. It's destiny and lost hope and unfulfilled dreams. It's faith and fear and mixed signals. It's baseball and bubble suds. And so much more...

Being inside Ethan's head when he first met Singer was a very frustrating experience for me. Because I knew he was thinking one thing, wanting one thing, but he hesitated and then went another direction instead. I mentally urged him to act on his first instinct, but he ignored me.

Singer is very special and unique. I really liked her and felt close to her immediately. Her hopes and dreams became mine, and seeing Ethan through her eyes made me crush on him too. It broke my heart that she so easily accepted it when he treated her as a friend when she wanted more. Not seeing the beauty in herself that others did.

Was it serendipity that brought Ethan and Singer back into each other's orbit a year later? Or was it a cruel joke for her to see what she wanted but couldn't have? How confusing it was for her to feel a spark of interest one minute and then receive the offer of friendship the next. How disappointing the dreaded invitation to hang-out rather than to go out. A Sunday afternoon, versus a Saturday night are worlds apart, not to be confused with a date. He still made her heart race, but he was full of secrets and unanswered questions. But being friend-zoned was better than no Ethan at all, right?

A lot had happened in Ethan's life after that missed opportunity with Singer. How many times had he wished he could go back and make a different choice? Now that he's run into Singer again, he wants to do it right, but is it too late? Does he come with too much baggage? How can he let her into his life without revealing the truth? How long will she keep her promise not to Google him?

S.L. Scott did it again. She made me sigh and swoon. She softened my heart and then broke it. She created so many amazing characters that I became attached to and pulled me into the intricate web that she wove. I was so invested, hanging on to every word, having enough hope for both of them. As I turned the last page, I was exhausted from having exerted so much emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other that I felt like I had physically climbed #Everest, the mountain. I'm left with a head full of thoughts as the story plays over and over in my mind and I hope that I have a chance to meet some of these incredible characters again in another book. Whatever direction she decides to take her readers, I'll be ready. The line forms here...

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