The Evolution of Us by D. Kelly

The Evolution of UsThe Evolution of Us by D. Kelly
Chantal's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Dee is a talented writer and this book solidifies that even more! It's a truly beautiful story about young love that continues and somehow loses the way. Blame it on miscommunication! It is told in a dual POV, which I believe helps you understand the background of their story.

Holly was always the person with a big heart and now she isn't any different. She has poured all of her story into a book and has become a successful indie author. Very few know about it and eventually she have to let him know.

Declan is a huge internet celebrity. He has a huge following and loves to spend time online discussing different things. He has always loved one girl and he is trying to get her back. He is charming and also very loyal to his friends.

Holly and Declan were teenage sweethearts that had a relationship that went on until college. It all ended off of him hearing something Holly told her best friend and misheard and misunderstood the meaning of it. They part ways, only to have Declan declaring his love for her on his web show. He tries to win her back and make her see that they belong together. Holly has a huge secret that involves him, it's eating her apart and has been for two years. She needs to tell him, so they can be together again or not.

Will Declan forgive her after he finds out what that secret is? Does Holly look past the revolving door of women to still love him? Can they fix what they once had?

This story does have some flashbacks to when Holly and Declan started out and continues until when they break up. I believe it wholeheartedly helps as a reader to fully understand this story. I loved it from beginning to end! I couldn't put it down. The secondary characters, Sage and Baxter played very important roles as well. I highly recommend this book. Great job Dee!


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