Final Siege (Love Over Duty, #2) by Scarlett Cole

Final Siege (Love Over Duty, #2)Final Siege (Love Over Duty, #2) by Scarlett Cole
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"He was too much. He was...she couldn't let him be everything."

I read Final Siege as a standalone. While I was not confused by references to events that took place in the first book, I was intrigued.

Mac & Delaney were teenage sweethearts. She was his best friend's little sister. When her brother dies, she blames Mac and decides that their love story doesn't deserve an HEA. Fourteen years later, Mac receives a phone call from a hospital overseas. He can't imagine why they are calling him, but he's not passing up the opportunity for another chance at the one who got away. Maybe time has softened her heart towards him and she will listen to his side of what happened.

Delaney wants nothing to do with Mac, but he's come all the way to help her and bring her back to the states once she's healthy enough to travel. Her mind is warring with her heart. She's supposed to hate him, right? He's to blame for her brother's death, right? She shouldn't still want him...but she does.

Getting Delaney to listen to him becomes the least of his problems once he learns that her safety is at risk. As the details of the case she was investigating are revealed it becomes obvious that danger is following her. And the grown-up version of Delaney is a force to be reckoned with. She no longer has trouble making decisions and doesn't depend on others to lead the way. She knows exactly what she wants and is determined to accomplish it on her own. Will she allow Mac and his team at Eagle Security to help her solve the case?

I really enjoyed meeting Mac's partners, Six & Cabe. Their bond is strong and their witty banter is entertaining. I look forward to meeting the woman that heals Cabe's broken heart and earns a place in the Eagle Security family of friends. The line forms here...

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