First Step Forward (Grand Valley, #1) by Liora Blake

Seducing the Defendant (Conflict of Interest, #2)First Step Forward (Grand Valley, #1) by Liora Blake
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"Because, Cooper."

I know I'm going at it backwards, but what can I say, things like this happen to me all the time. I happened upon book three in the series and got hooked. So, now I'm going back to book one to start over. And let me tell you, I fell even harder. First Step Forward is everything. It's #SportsRomance#SmallTown#RomCom#Sexy#Sweet#Funny and there are so many amazing characters that you will fall in love with. I sure did. I'm not sure how many books will be included in this series, but I know at least one more that is a love story waiting to happen, I need him to find the right woman to wipe that smirk off his face and leave him speechless for the first time. I can't wait for that to happen. The line forms here...

Cooper is a professional football player and he's used to having women chase him. He's used to being recognized when he's out in public. Everyone knows who he is, except her. When he accidentally runs into Whitney in a pharmacy, looking for Epsom salts to soak an injury, he notices her in spite of his pounding headache and blurry vision. Who wouldn't notice her when  she was barefoot and wearing men's pajamas? He couldn't resist her quirky humor, her smile, or her apple butter. Too bad she lives hours away, too far for him to find time to see her with his very limited free time during football season.

Whitney is just in town for the night. She is shocked that the hotel wanted to charge her $7.00 for a bottle of water and decided to run across the street to the pharmacy to buy her own bottle. That's when she runs into him. What a sexy sight to perk her up during her depressing business trip. Once he opens his mouth and growls at her, and turns his frowny face toward her, you'd think she would change her mind. But, nope, he's still hot and interesting. She'd like to turn his frown upside down and she has several ideas about how to do it. She keeps those to herself though. Knowing he lives miles away from her, why waste her time wishing, right?

When Cooper is injured during a football game, his trainer tells him to get away for a few days of rest and relaxation to let his body heal. For some reason, all he can think of is the sexy woman who offered him apple butter she made from her own apple orchard. Next thing he knows he's on her doorstep asking for a tour. He's reminding himself of his trainer's strict instructions to avoid all vigorous activity, especially women, as he looks at her being so adorable in her ugly overalls. "She's looking at me like I'm covered in honey and she's a brown bear with a wicked sweet tooth." Needless to say, this is where it goes from interesting to 'don't touch my Kindle or I'll kill you', for me.

Cooper is used to women falling at his feet begging to give him whatever he wants. This crazy woman had no clue who he was and didn't care. She was full of sass and sweetness and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. That relaxing weekend that the trainer ordered worked wonders. He was able to relax and heal, take his mind off his problems, and it opened his mind to possibilities that didn't fit into his plan. He wanted more, and he wanted it now. All his life football had been all he ever dreamed of, never looking past his career into a future without it. But hanging out with this woman, helping her can fruit, made him wish for something else. Could they find a way to overcome all the problems in their path?

I admit, I have a girl-crush on Whitney. She's so clueless about some things, living on her orchard without a TV. But she has an opinion about everything, and she has no problem sharing her thoughts. She's one of those girls that get called a 'tree hugger' and works hard to protect anything she sees that needs protecting. She stands up for herself, much to my amusement. And her nonstop internal dialogue is priceless. I especially enjoyed, "All we need to do is flip a coin to see who's going to be on top." Since Cooper is a huge muscled football player, I'm guessing that's the only way she could end up on top if he didn't agree to it. *giggle-snort*

Do yourself a favor and grab this wonderful gem of a book that will give you the feels and the laughs. You won't be disappointed.


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