Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things, #1) by Jordan Marie

Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things, #1)Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things, #1) by Jordan Marie
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"You are mine. You just haven't accepted it yet."

Going Down Hard was exactly what I needed for my staycation. It allowed me to escape, without leaving the house. I fell hard for the girl, who fell hard for the boy. She was convinced that she was invisible, and that might have been true with everyone else, but once he finally noticed her there was no going back. It was high school, prom night, and they talked. She thought they connected, but then he walked away, back to his date. She thought she was over him, until she saw him again...12 years later.

She never expected to see him again. And on the off chance she ever did, she was sure that she would revert back to invisible, just like she had been all through high school. Imagine her surprise when the object of her secret high school crush, almost crushed her, years later. There was no slow build up, no gazing from across the room, no planned appointment. Nope, he just crashed into her because he wasn't looking where he was going. Of course, she was pissed off, he'd ruined her cashmere sweater. So she called him a name. Since most women were falling at his feet, he was beyond shocked at her behavior. But he was turned on by it too. She reminded him of that girl back in high school. Wait a minute. Was she that girl? The one he walked away from but never forgot?

What fun I had at their role reversal. Now that she had his attention, he was not letting her get away. He pursued her relentlessly. She was afraid to let him get too close, needing to protect her heart, but she wanted to.  He was even more irresistible and having the full power of his charm directed at her was overwhelming. All of her willpower and reason left when he touched her. I just sat back, grinning like a fool, as I watched it play out. As the story is written with both POV's, I knew exactly what was going through their minds, when they said one thing and meant another. I especially enjoyed, "I made a beeline for her, as if she was a magnet and I the metal. Her pull is that strong." I was cheering in the background, excited for the tables to be turned, for him to experience what she had so long ago. I knew that when they finally connected it would be powerful, and I couldn't wait for it to happen.

But I also understood how she felt. Never being the popular girl, always being overlooked. That would make me doubt myself too. She was uncomfortable having the attention of a sexy man that had a trail of women on standby just waiting for him to notice them. She wasn't a twig that ate salad at every meal and she didn't have a designer clothing allowance. How was she supposed to compete with what he was used to? Could she handle it if he walked away again? Would she ever be enough?

Did I mention that Gavin has some amazing friends? I was totally drooling over at least two of them, hoping that the author had plans to write stories for each of them. They were so funny and the bro banter was hilarious. I need more of that. I'm looking forward to In Too Deep. The line forms here...

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