He Loves Me…KNOT by R.C. Boldt

He Loves Me...KNOTHe Loves Me...KNOT by R.C. Boldt
Laura's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

This is the second book I have had the opportunity to read and review by this author and I am definitely a fan. Bodlt writes a great second chance romance that had me finishing this book in one sitting. I loved how the story is dual POV, something that I really enjoy in a book. He Loves Me...KNOT is an engaging, heartwarming read.

Emma Jane has just tucked tail and left her fiance at the altar. Something that she never thought she would do. Running away from the one person who knows her better than anyone else may have not been the best choice, but right now it is the smartest one. She finds herself sucking down drinks in a gay bar, trying to bury her wounds in alcohol. Her she meets Beckett, an NFL star, who doesn't do relationships. Emma and Beckett become great friends over the next several years. Always there to support one another, especially Beckett as he helps Emma rebuild her life. Now Emma finds herself literally face to face with her past. Unknown to her at the time, her ex is acquiring the business that she currently works for and in order to keep her job, she must prove her worth to the new boss.

Knox Montgomery has spent the last eight years working hard to put his past behind him and build a lucrative future for himself. Being left at the altar all those years ago was one of the hardest things he has ever had to deal with. With a new business merger in the works, he never fathomed that his ex would be part of the deal. Old wounds are now fresh and Knox will make her prove her worth or give her, her walking papers.

I am a sucker for a really good second chance romance. I loved that there were snippets of backstory scattered throughout the book. Being able to read how Emma and Knox became a couple and planned a life together was great. It helps the reader better understand the choices that are made and the outcome of said choices. Now face to face after all these years the flame that was between them seems to burn even hotter. Can old wounds be healed and broken hearts mended? Grab your copy of this refreshing, heartwarming read and settle in for Emma and Knox's story.

4 iScream Stars

$2.99/Amazon (Coming Nov. 14th!)

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