Hollywood Scandal by Louise Bay

Hollywood ScandalHollywood Scandal by Louise Bay
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"Worth getting rained on for."

Hollywood Scandal was my introduction to author Louise Bay. I was intrigued by the synopsis and decided to give her a try. I couldn't resist a Hollywood movie star and the girl next door.

There were lots of things I enjoyed about this story. The locations. The colorful support characters. The chemistry between the main characters. The witty banter. The chosen professions of the main characters and the details about those career choices.

Matt is a well known actor with his career on the rise after a recent embarrassing fall. He's determined to do everything he can to prove he has his priorities straight and he's ready to work. He has to be very careful about his image and who he's seen with. The media has a way of knowing everything he does. His agent and his publicist want him to be photographed with starlets and models, women who can advance his career and keep him in the public eye. But the woman who has his attention is the girl next door. Yeah, the one that prefers to stay in her remote little town away from the public eye. The one that is sexy as sin and keeps him thinking about her all the time. The one that did not recognize him and has no idea he's a movie star.

Lana used to dream about moving away from her home town where everyone knows all her business. She had big ideas about a career in New York. But something happened while she was attending college there. Something that changed her mind and sent her running back home. Something that made her content to stay single and happy with her nosy neighbors. While she still dabbles in her career of choice, she's downsized her dreams, settled for a less public version.

When the latest renter next door turns out to be the sexiest man she's ever seen, Lana reconsiders her life of loneliness. She knows he's only there temporarily, for a job. Why not scratch the itch? He makes her feel beautiful the way he looks at her. Should she give the gorgeous stranger what he wants? What she wants?

Imagine her surprise when she discovers that Matt lives in a fish bowl. The last place she ever wants to visit. Too bad she's already addicted to his touch. Is it possible for her to have her cake and eat it too? Or will she have to choose between her privacy and him? Is he, "Worth getting rained on for?" Will he be able to convince her to step outside of her comfort zone and risk her secrets? Will her past mistakes find their way into her future? Will she risk becoming a Hollywood Scandal?

Coming August 22nd!

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