Hopeful Whispers (Sacred Sinners MC, #2) by Bink Cummings

Hopeful WhispersHopeful Whispers (Sacred Sinners MC, #2) by Bink Cummings
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Hot diggity damn. I need a Ryker reprieve."

Those are Katrina's thoughts, not mine. I'll take all the Ryker I can get, in spite of his many flaws. That's something I've learned about Bink's writing. Her characters are very real, she doesn't make them perfect, but she makes us love them anyway. She gives her readers some hairy situations to get riled up about and her characters some thick skin to take the abuse coming their way. I get a mental workout every time as I struggle with the journey she takes me on, imagining how I would handle the same choices the characters face. Regardless, whether I agree with them or not, by the time I turn the last page I love them unconditionally and accept them as part of my ever-growing book family.

Katrina is badass and funny as hell. Her ongoing internal dialogue kept me cracking up throughout the story, especially when she spoke directly to me. Her ability to find humor in the midst of heartache made me one of her biggest fans. Her deep love for her family, especially her children, earned my respect and admiration. Her dry wit, sarcasm, and lack of a filter had me dealing with a serious girl-crush. She is amazing. ♥

And don't get me started on her new biker best friend. He's just a crazy as she is and I love him too. The two of them together are hilarious. He's the best combination of sweet, sexy, serious, silly and smart with a side of psycho. He's just what she deserves, someone in her corner, fighting for her to the death if necessary. If only he weren't fictional, right?

And then there's 'Asshole'. That's what Kat calls him. And yes, he's earned that title and then some. I was right there with her, hating him and loving him, and then hating him and loving him again... I kept hoping he would redeem himself and prove that his heart was in the right place, regardless of his actions. But how much is too much for Kat to accept before there's nothing left for him to break?

When danger comes calling, Kat learns that sometimes even the superhuman strength of a ferocious mama bear is not enough. Sometimes you have to accept some help when it comes to keeping your family safe. With her hormones out of control and her heart overflowing she must face the battle of her life, keeping her love and lust from making her decisions.

I'm so very excited to get my hands on the final book in this amazing trilogy, but at the same time, I'm reluctant for the story to end. I'm enjoying it so much I don't want it to be over. But I know that the author has an endless imagination and I need not fear that she will have something equally as entertaining for her readers next. The line forms here...

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