I’m Only Here for the Beard (The Dixie Wardens Rejects MC, #4) by Lani Lynn Vale

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Get ready for some funny as shit...bathroom humor, some hawt as shit romance and some twists and turns you never saw coming. This book was sooo good...cuz
I'm only here for the Beard!! lol
Before we move on to my review... Y'all know how much I love for you to take a moment to enjoy a book cover...you know our authors put sooo much thought into their book covers, probably as much thought as to what they are writing in between the front cover and the back cover of that book. This cover is very yummy Lani!!! You sure know how to catch an eye!! : )

Sooo now onto Sean and Naomi's story. Sean meets Naomi when he finds out he has been paired up with Naomi, she is a new, right out of school paramedic. He is not happy about this and kinda pushes her away when really he should be teaching her the ropes and helping her become a better paramedic. Naomi is very stubbornnn and she doesn't take well to his shit, she doesn't put up with it. Butttt....Y'all, there is sooo much sexual tension going on in this book, you know its just going to explode!!!

One thing you need to know about Sean is that he has had his heart ripped out and he is not having the dating scene ever again. Naomi tries to break through his cold heart but will it be enough? Can they be co-workers and then enemies to friends to lovers? Umm go one click this Bearded Book and you will find out!!!

I gave this book 5 iScream Books Stars!! Just loved this crazy book, it was a real page turner!!!

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