Indiscretions of a God (Porn Star Boyfriends, #3) by Sunniva Dee

Indiscretions of a God (Porn Star Boyfriends, #3)Indiscretions of a God (Porn Star Boyfriends, #3) by Sunniva Dee
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"My obsession has got to have a name. Something ending with '-iac.'"

The author is really making it difficult for me to pick a favorite book in her Porn Star Boyfriends series. Each one I read becomes my new favorite, and then the next one makes me reconsider. Indiscretionsof a God is no different. I'm obsessed with this series, but I haven't figured out which name ending with "-iac." applies. Maybe #FANiac or #MANiac? All I know is you better not get between me and the next book in this amazing series...

I really enjoyed the story being told in the male POV. Yes, I was inside the head of a God, and it was an unforgettable experience that I didn't want to end. The author took me places I didn't expect to go, and then made me appreciate the journey. She dropped some clues during my twisted travels that had me guessing at possibilities but keeping the suspense revved high until I was about to die before finally revealing the details, assuring that I was captivated and anxious for answers throughout.

But one thing that didn't remain a secret was the depth of feeling between Isaias & Tatiana. They might have verbally sparred quite a bit, but that only proved rather than disproved their connection. It just raised the heat level and made me crazy waiting for them to finally connect physically. Yes, the idea that she was a nun, and forbidden, raised the stakes as he pursued her. "But here she is, a frustrating, beautiful female, my first "no" in years." 

He's used to getting what he wants... and he's never wanted anything more than he wants her.

Since I was inside Isa's head instead of Tatiana's the mystery of her thoughts, feelings, and especially her secrets was what drove both Isa and myself to the edge. Wanting to know what was underneath her nun attire and what led to her current career path was a puzzle just waiting to be solved.

Just because Isa chose to remove himself from the mafia didn't mean that he was no longer aware of what was going on in the family business. He was not estranged from his family, he received regular loving calls from his mother and attended weekly family dinners. The excitement of the 'mafia business' and the danger involved in Isa simply having the same last name as his notorious father ramped up the intrigue.

And yeah, I confess, it's the porn star side of his business that held the most intrigue for me. Being the owner of Lucid Entertainment he not only had the option to perform on camera himself, but he held auditions to hire new talent. It was important to him that his company have the reputation of being the best and he made it a goal to assure that happened. I found the details of being behind the camera very interesting. I really enjoyed seeing the filming through his eyes.

I'm very addicted to this series and can't wait for what comes next. The line forms here...

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