Infamy (RiffRaff Records, #3) by L.P. Maxa

Infamy (RiffRaff Records Book 3)Infamy (RiffRaff Records, #3) by L.P. Maxa
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Oddly sweet...

I'm a big fan of the author's Devil's Share series and love that those favorite rockstar characters are the parents in this new RiffRaff Records series. What a perfect way for them to stay involved in the music industry and be involved in their kid's lives, right?

Not that all of the rocker's children are musicians, they aren't. Landry is the daughter of the famous Devil's Share guitarist, Jacks. She didn't meet him until she was nine years old, but he welcomed her with open arms. However; that didn't erase the painful memories of her first nine years without him in her life. She's currently working non-stop at a hospital doing her 5th-year surgical residency. She rarely takes time for herself, but when one of her favorite uncles wants her to attend a concert for one of the label's new bands, she can't refuse him. It was her Uncle Luke that taught her to play drums and they are close.

I'm sure that was why her focus was on the sexy drummer of Clashing Swell. She couldn't deny that Brody Frost was talented. It was his sexy smirk and irresistible charisma that kept her eyes glued to him during his on-stage shenanigans. But it was his off-stage shenanigans that made the biggest impression. She warned him that it was just a fling, and he agreed that they would just have fun until his band left on their concert tour.

As you probably already know if you've been reading this series, it's impossible to keep all the cats in the bag with such a big family. But it's always the parents that are the last to know, right? And it's always amusing when it happens. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during some of their big family get-togethers at the compound.

I really enjoyed getting to know the grown-up Landry. She is a hard worker and determined to accomplish her career goals. She also intends to keep her personal life personal, without the interference of her well-meaning family. But being a girl among so many overprotective men, of course they are going to meddle, right? Good luck keeping her delicious drummer all to herself. Their attempts to hide their relationship is pretty funny as her nosy family gets it all wrong...again.

Brody is irresistible, I can see how Landry found it impossible to resist him. He had me at #BabyCakes too. Hopefully, his charm will be just as effective with the other members of her family when they discover he's been dipping his drumstick in their princess. Something to look forward to, huh?

I can't wait to see which of the spawn will be featured in the next book. I've got my eye on the twins. The line forms here...

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