Lingerie on the Floor (The Londonaire Brothers, #1) by Amanda Aksel

Lingerie on the Floor (The Londonaire Brothers Series Book 1)Lingerie on the Floor by Amanda Aksel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"He's a modelizer, which might be slightly worse than being a womanizer."

Lingerie on the Floor is my first book by Amanda Aksel. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of her work. Her writing style is smooth and her character's witty banter was entertaining. And did I mention it was H-O-T? If I had been reading in public my blushing would have been embarrassing. Not that I would have stopped reading...

Drew, the sexy photographer, is a modelizer. Often seen with a beautiful model on his arm. And often having a beautiful model in his bed. He's not ashamed, he owns it. When he meets Kate, the successful lingerie designer at a party, he introduces himself as 'just Drew'. And she introduces herself as 'just Kate.
Their chemistry is off the charts. Though Kate is a good girl, she's tempted to be oh so bad with the drool worthy man in the tux. Why not, she's in London. Thousands of miles from home. Why not be wild for once and make some memories to keep her warm at night when she's back in the states?

Imagine their surprise when she shows up for the magazine photo shoot wearing her sexy lingerie and he's behind the camera? They are no longer 'just Kate & Drew' and the chemistry is even more intense. They are there to focus on their careers, but for some reason, that's not what has their attention. Let's just say I'd sure have enjoyed being a fly on the wall during that photo shoot...sigh.

Of course the couple keep running into each other during her stay in London. Of course the hot becomes even hotter. My kindle almost burst into flames. I yearned for them to have more than a short fling, hoping for a magical intervention allowing them to overcome their long-distance and relationship avoidance issues.

I also enjoyed the colorful support characters that had some drama of their own. Drama that I'm sure will be highlighted in future installments of The Londaire Brothers series. It was an exciting beginning to the series and I look forward to more. The line forms here...


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