Long For Me (Luminous, #3) by Stacey Lynn

Long For Me (Luminous #3)Long For Me by Stacey Lynn
Rosa's rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

"New Year, new goals, new life."

I read Long For Me as a standalone. I enjoyed the other couples that featured in the story and I'm assuming theirs are the ones the I missed in the first two books. I am definitely intrigued enough to go back and read them to learn their history. I was initially introduced to the works of Stacey Lynn because of my MC Romance addiction. I enjoyed her Nordic Lords MC series, so I decided to check out her Luminous series. I'm glad that I did. I really liked this version of a D/s relationship and I'm intrigued to see how the other couples represented in the series are written.

Rebecca has been working for the same company since graduating from high school. She started as an intern and worked her way up. Well, at least she though she was moving up until she got to her current position as Bennett Ashby's assistant. Yes, he was the boss. The owner of the company. But that didn't excuse his deplorable behavior towards her. She didn't mind him being bossy, but did he have to be an asshole?

She knew she should do a better job of keeping her irritation to herself, but sometimes he provoked her so much that she couldn't help herself. She gave him attitude. She had no choice but to let him push her around in the office, but she was determined to not ever let a man do so outside of work. But that didn't stop her from drooling over him when he wasn't looking. And she'd been drooling for years.

She didn't deny that he was gorgeous, at least not to herself. He was most definitely some delicious eye candy, as long as he wasn't speaking to her. As soon as he started barking orders and insults the steam coming out of her ears dimmed his appeal. She assumed that he treated all women this way. Until she saw him showing a softer side to another woman...at Luminous.
Not only did it make her aware he was capable of kindness, it made her yearn to be on the receiving side of it. But if she crossed that line, how could she face him in the office the next day?

Bennett was ashamed of the way he had been treating Rebecca, but it was the only way he could keep his distance. She was driving him to distraction at the office. He tried not to watch her, but the sway of her hips in those pencil skirts drew his gaze every time. The fire in her eyes when she was mad at him pushed him to purposely incite her just so he could see it. Yes, he liked being in control. Yes, he liked submission. But he also liked a challenge. When the woman he'd been fantasizing about in the office showed up at his sex club, all his promises to himself went by the wayside. He convinced himself that if he could just have her one night she would be out of his system and then his workplace would be peaceful again. Yeah, sure it would...

Hot damn, it was H0T to read about Rebecca's introduction to a lifestyle that she feared, but was irresistibly drawn to. Having seen the beautiful loving relationship between her best friend and her husband who lived the lifestyle, she was curious. She was drawn to the way he treated her so well, looking after and protecting her. She's always wanted that for herself. But what would it cost her to get it? Were all BDSM relationships like that, or were they the exception? What would be expected of her? Was she capable of giving up control? Could she let go of her hangups long enough to enjoy the experience? Well, there was only one way to find out. And why not him? He was perfection in a suit, and she imagined what was underneath it was even better. It was the New Year and her resolution was new goals and a new life...starting now.


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