Lost Love (Cowboys and Angels, #1) by Kelly Elliott

Lost Love (Cowboys and Angels, #1)Lost Love by Kelly Elliott
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Y'all, this book was sooo Captivating!!!!

Ohhh myyyy Gawddddd..I just loved it!!!

I happen to be on a Second Chance Romance kick lately and didn't even know it. lol But I have been reading a lot of them lately and they really make my Heart Happy!!

This book is about is about Steed Parker and Paxton Monroe. They had young love, high school sweethearts and planned on being together forever. Then tragedy happened, hearts were broken, love was lost and he moved away.

Ten years later, Steed came back. He has a sassy little girl in toe. When he returns, he takes this precious little girl to meet her new kindergarten teacher and guess who the teacher is.....Paxton Monroe. The girl he loved all those years ago and feeling come spiraling back.

I have a Confession to make.. This is my first Kelly Elliott book....WHAT????? lol This is another author that I am a huge stalker of because of all the awesome reviews and talk I hear about her and her books!! I have several paperbacks and eBooks by her, and I have bought them on recommendations alone. I just haven't gotten to read her books yet because I know like everyone else, we have mountains of TBR!! Sooo when this book came up, I am like I am popping my Kelly Elliott cherry!!! Wooohoooo And this book was a perfect book/series to start off with. *Sighssss* I just loved this book. Believe me I will definitely be reading more books by her very soon!! I just love her writing style. This book is sooo loving and caring. It will make you laugh, cry and it is very emotional and really...REALLY HAWT!!! Soooo many feels this book will give you!! This book has the whole package!! And as I am writing how much I love Elliott's book, I know that y'all already know because I am probably the last person on earth that has not read her books...but now I have, so I am in the know..lol

Anywayssss...back to the end of my review..lol I freaking fell in love with Steek and Paxton and let me tell you, I also fell in love with Steed Parker's brothers!! I really hope they all get their own book!! Oohhhhh goodness they are all a tall drink of water and all the women of this tiny Texas town just swoon over them and they would all make great reads as well...just my 2 cents worth..lol

I gave Lost Love 5 +++++ iScream Books Stars!! This book deserves sooo many more stars!!! Y'all make sure you pick up this book ASAP because you just have to find out what happens with Steed and Paxton! I mean really, this book made my ovaries explode!!! lol : )


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