Love, Sex, Music by Michelle A. Valentine

Love, Sex, MusicLove, Sex, Music by Michelle A. Valentine
Brandi's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Wow….. Michelle never disappoints. Love Sex Music is no different. When you start a book with some just down home banter you know the book will be good. Laz and Drea’s story will bring you to your knees for the tissue box, you will have all the feels. You get two equally screwed up characters with the right heart you get one of the best ROCKER stories EVER. \m/ Anyone who knows me, knows that Noel from Rock the Heart is my forever first love, well Laz maybe have just beat Noel to crap.
Drea is the total package, but she can’t let her self believe that. Hard times in life kill your self-esteem but sometimes FEED your drive. Drea is more than she can ever let herself be, her past has hindered her.
Laz is every woman’s dream. He has talent, money and the looks… Damn he is hot. However he has a reason to be reserved about who he allows in. He needs structure and constancy.
During the whole book, I wanted to keep turning the page. I didn’t have to take breaks because there was so much drama. It was just a GOOD read. I wanted more and was happy when it was over. I didn’t feel cheated or tired from all the back and forth.
You will love the man that Laz is and has become. You will love the strength that Drea has. Both of them have good back stories that will make you fall even more in love with them.

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