Meet Me in Room 108 (The Platinum Hotel Series) by Nikki Sparxx

Meet Me in Room 108 (The Platinum Hotel Series)Meet Me in Room 108 (The Platinum Hotel Series) by Nikki Sparxx
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"Maybe dreams could come true, even for a broken whore like me."

Meet Me in Room 108 was my first time to read a book by author Nikki Sparxx. She's been on my TBR for a long time, but I just hadn't been able to get there until now. After reading the synopsis, I was so intrigued I just couldn't resist diving into this story.

Sabrina took me back to the past and shared the events that caused her to end up being a whore at The Platinum, the most exclusive, private members-only hotel in New York. It was a heartbreaking eye-opening story that had me enraged and ready to throw a shovel in the trunk and prepared to hide a body if needed.

Braden is a very successful businessman. He owns his own company and spends way too much time there, ensuring that it stays at the top. He's decided that relationships are not for him and he has no plans to marry or to have children. When he sees a beautiful woman at a bar, she captures his attention and he follows her as she walks away. She's in a hurry, but she hands him her card and tells him to call her.

Sabrina hopes he will call, but she doubts that he will. He's gorgeous and would have no trouble finding plenty of women to give him anything that he wants. But it doesn't hurt to hope, right? She doesn't have a choice in her profession, she must service whoever is sent to her room, after they are accepted as a member. But at least when she goes out recruiting she can give her card to someone that she might actually enjoy spending time with, right? As each day passes without a call from the very sexy Braden, her hope wavers.

Braden keeps the card and looks at it often. He's very intrigued and wants to see her again. Would it be a mistake to pursue her knowing that he would have to keep her a secret? Maybe, but that doesn't stop him. It takes him a while to talk himself into it, and an even longer while to jump through the hoops required to become a member. But he finally makes it to Room 108.

The anticipation as I waited for these two to finally connect was exciting. And the chemistry between them was explosive. Sabrina was used to 'performing' with her clients. Whatever it took to make them happy, but her heart was not in it. She didn't take pleasure in her duties. She just did what she had to do. Until Braden... He lit her fire and turned her into a needy, wanting, willing version of herself that she didn't even recognize. Who would have ever thought that it would be a client who would turn the tables on her and have her begging? She counted the hours until he arrived, and then lost track of time when he did.

Braden never thought of himself as someone who would pay for sex. But the more time he spent with Sabrina, the more time he wanted to spend with her. Having been a workaholic for so long, it was a change for him to be anxious to leave work. But he couldn't stop thinking about her. When he finally learns some of the secrets she's been keeping, he realizes that there's a lot more at stake. She's more than just a night of pleasure, and the price is higher than even he can afford.

That's all your getting. You need to visit The Platinum yourself if you want to know more. I recommend that you wait until you're alone and have plenty of time, you won't want to stop once you start, and you might need to turn up the A/C before you finish. It wasn't until I went to write this review that I noticed that this was a series. Now I'm even more excited after having met some of the other girls who work at the hotel. I'm looking forward to learning their stories too. The line forms here...

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