Midnight Valentine by J.T. Geissinger

Midnight ValentineMidnight Valentine by J.T. Geissinger
Kim's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

I don’t even know!
How does she do it!!?
What just happened!?

I can’t even tell you the emotional roller coaster this book has taken me on! J.T. can write! Every book I have read by her has dragged me under and tore me apart. She writes strong woman and fascinating storylines. All of them with great sex, smartly written and very funny.

This story is written in Megan‘s point of view as we see her move to a new city to start a new life, one that she was supposed to start with her husband. We discover her husband died in a horrific car accident and that she continues to live the life they were supposed to have in running a B&B. But along the way we start to wonder, was death the end of him?

Megan doesn’t believe in fate or destiny, she doesn’t even know if she believes in a God. But when voice inside keeps nagging at her with so many coincidences, she has to wonder, crazy or reincarnation?

When Megan starts this new life she also makes a hilarious new friend, Suzanne. Suzanne has such a personality that anyone would want her as a friend. She’s flirty and funny she is a girly girl that will stand up for you and always be by your side.
“...and when you have 38 double D‘s, going out of the house without a bra is like getting into a car without a seatbelt: careless, dangerous, and something you can get in trouble for.”
Comments like that run throughout the book. Along with slight ribs and snark. This book absolutely made me giggle and well as melt my heart.

And your heart will dissolve!

Megan and her husband, Cass, had the love that goes beyond one lifetime. J.T. describes this relationship so much passion and intensity that you become devastated by it’s loss and desire it’s rebirth.

When I’m given subject or genre and asked what book to read I always search my mind for one written by J.T. She has always impressed me with her words and how in every one of her stories is an escape I don’t want ending.

$4.99/Amazon (Coming Feb. 6th!)

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