Misadventures of a Virgin (Misadventures, #14) by Meredith Wild

Misadventures of a Virgin (Misadventures, #14)Misadventures of a Virgin (Misadventures, #14) by Meredith Wild
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Excuses, grudges, and tragedies."

I'm totally loving the Misadventures series, and this one is no exception. Meredith Wild took me on a journey from past to present as she introduced me to Kase & June, who had a very brief but intense encounter that neither forgot, even after years of separation.

When Kase comes back home after being away at college for four years, he's ready to face the painful secret that sent him running away from the only place he'd ever called home. And the only girl he'd ever felt a connection with, June. He soon discovered that the beautiful girl he remembered grew into a beautiful woman who didn't pull her punches. She didn't pretend she wasn't hurt by his abrupt departure and failure to say goodbye. Maybe he would have to try another approach, buying himself some time to convince her how things look from his side. Time to soften her anger and her heart. Will his gamble pay off? Will he get another chance with her?

June fell hard for him four years ago. She was on the verge of giving herself to him. But then he left without explanation and with no further contact. She tried to forget him. She tried to not care when she heard he was back in town. And then, she learns that he's the only thing preventing her father from purchasing the land to expand her family's hotel. She'll just have to try and convince him it's the right thing to do...in person.

Woo Hoo! That's when the good gets even better. When they see each other and the sparks that never died start firing up. I just sat back and waited, ready with my marshmallow on a stick, knowing they would eventually produce what I needed to make smores. And then past secrets started unraveling as details that involved their families were revealed. I was imagining all kinds of possibilities as I waited, relieved that I wasn't a cat as I impatiently suffered through my severe case of curiosity. I was amazed at how much story was packed into this book that's on the smaller side. I give credit to the author and her storytelling skills. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment of the series and I can't wait to see what misadventure will entertain me next. The line forms here...


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