Misadventures of the First Daughter (Misadventures, #5) by Meredith Wild & Mia Michelle

Misadventures of the First Daughter (Misadventures, #5)Misadventures of the First Daughter by Meredith Wild & Mia Michelle
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"Perfect sin in a suit."

I am loving this new Misadventures series. I'm being introduced to new authors, and some dynamic duos writing together for the first time. So far, every one has been amazing. I've read Meredith Wild before, but Mia Michelle is new to me. Their collaboration was so seamless I couldn't tell who wrote what, it was all good! I'll definitely be adding this author to my stalking schedule to keep my eye out for new releases.

Zane is former military, and currently on special services duty assigned to the First Daughter. He earns every penny of his salary trying to keep Charlotte out of trouble and under the radar of the media who would love to catch her doing something newsworthy. He tries to keep himself closed off and not allow her shenanigans to get to him. But seeing the neglect she suffers at the hands of her parents is heartbreaking. He can't blame her for acting out to get attention, even if it's the negative kind. He's been fighting his attraction for her, struggling to hide his lust. He almost succeeds, until she shows up where she doesn't belong and forces him to take matters in hand. He's gonna get her under control one way or another. Either she's gonna straighten up, or suffer the consequences. He can't afford to lose his job working for the President. Can he keep her from causing a scandal? Can he keep his hands to himself? Can he keep her?

Charlotte is a handful. She keeps the Secret Service detail busy trying to anticipate her next escape attempt. She's tired of being ignored by her parents and of being a good girl during the campaign. Now that it's over, she's ready to let loose and have some fun. If she's bad enough they might even notice she exists. Zane notices her, but it's always with a frown on his face. What would it take to get him to loosen up and smile? What's he hiding under that suit?

When events get out of hand and Zane is forced to rescue her from her own bad choices, she finally realizes that it's not all fun and games. But is it too late to do anything about it? Will she ever be able to make decisions for herself? Or will she be forever controlled by people who care more about appearances than her? When the fun turns into danger and the play turns into passion, will the forbidden misadventures of the First Daughter result in love or loss?

Each story that I've read in this series has surprised me with how detailed and entertaining it is without being lengthy. They jump right into the action and keep me engrossed from beginning to end. I'm excited to see what's next. The line forms here...

$4.99/Amazon (Coming October 30th!)

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