Most Likely To Score by Lauren Blakely

Most Likely To ScoreMost Likely To Score by Lauren Blakely
Jamie's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Another amazing read from Lauren Blakely, an amazing start to 2018.

Most likely to Score was a fun, lighthearted, laugh out loud read. I loved it!

I loved Jones and Jillian, these two couldn’t have been more perfect for each other if they tried.

Jones is a professional football player who has a reputation with the ladies, but he’s decided its time to change. If anything is ever that easy it wouldn’t be so much fun.

Jillian Moore is a successful PR person who Jones has noticed in the past, but she never showed any interest and now that they’re being forced to work together things change.

I absolutely loved this book, it's a lighthearted funny read. I usually love that bad boy alpha, but give me a man like Jones any day! He’s so damn charming!

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