Nickel (Fallen Lords MC, #1) by Winter Travers

Nickel (Fallen Lords MC, #1)Nickel (Fallen Lords MC, #1) by Winter Travers
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"Sweet and innocent meets ruthless and wild."

I've been wanting to read this author for a while. I've got several of her books waiting on my kindle, but I decided to start with Nickel since it was the beginning of her new Fallen Lords MC series. Yeah, I admit I'm addicted to MC Romance, I can't resist a badass biker.

Karmen is a sweet likable character who tends to spend too much time in her own head. After getting to know her, I can totally understand her tendency to compartmentalize everything that she can't handle. She tried to fit Nickel into a box, but he resisted her attempts. Refusing to get out of her head and stay on the shelf. Preferring to tempt her with his sexy smirk and endless invitations to spend time with him. Every week he visited his grandmother at the nursing home where she was a nurse. Let me tell you, I wouldn't have lasted a week, much less almost a year. But he did finally wear down her resistance until she finally agreed to attend an outdoor public event.

Nickel isn't used to women refusing him, it's usually the other way around. But watching Karmen take such good care of his grandmother softened his heart and made him want to spend time with her. The fact that she had no idea how beautiful she was made her even more attractive to him. He was so used to her saying no, that when she finally agreed he wanted to get her on his bike immediately before she had a chance to change her mind.

Of course, once the door was opened, there was no closing it again. The chemistry between Nickel & Karmen was intense and when the bossy biker smirked and growled at her she forgot to worry. He had the ability to take her out of her own head and she was able to let herself go, enjoying all the scary feelings she usually avoided. Until the lust fog clears and she again tries to fit him and their relationship into a box. Their banter is amusing and drunk Karmen is hilarious. That's when her fun side comes out to play and he learns everything she doesn't want him to.

I was cheering in the background for this cute couple to work out all the kinks in their relationship, but there are a lot of obstacles in their path. With some unpleasant club business taking up his time and a blast from her past invading her future the suspense builds along with their passion. Once he makes up his mind there's no changing it, and he's decided that she's
Hopefully, it won't take another year for him to convince her. He had me at 'Baby Girl'...

Now that I've finally tasted my first Travers tale, I'm hooked. She won't' be able to get rid of me now. I'm really looking forward to reading Pipe's story and getting to know him better. And I'm anxious to stick my nose into some unresolved club business for some answers. The line forms here...


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