Nikan Rebuilt (Preload, #3) by Scarlett Cole

Nikan Rebuilt (Preload, #3)Nikan Rebuilt (Preload, #3) by Scarlett Cole
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Are we trying to make something from the pieces of us?"

Oh my, what these broken boys do to me... I knew going in they were going to break my heart. Being raised in a group home meant that they had a rough start in life, but finding each other guaranteed they had a family for life. But just because they had each other's back didn't mean that their pain is erased. They all have demons chasing them into adulthood and need a strong supportive woman to love them. As each of the band members get their own book, I decide that rocker is my fave, until I read the next book. I love the series more and more with each one, and the closer I get to the last one the slower I read as if I can delay the inevitable conclusion. Like the song goes, 'I'mma take it slow just as fast as I can'. I have a feeling the author has saved the most broken, bad boy for last and Lennon is gonna break my heart...

Nikan is a guitarist and backup vocalist for Preload, and one of metal's favorite bad boys. He's also the glue that holds the band together. Having arrived at the group home first, he took each of the others under his wing as they arrived. Making himself their protector and problem solver. Too bad he couldn't solve his own problems. I had heard references to Jenny in the previous books in the series. I knew that she was his high school sweetheart and his biggest regret. All the guys know what happened, and they never let him forget it was his fault that he lost her. It was only me that didn't have a clue what happened and I couldn't wait to find out. And when I did, I agreed with them. But by then it was too late, I already loved him, flaws and all.

Jenny has been MIA for eight long years. She disappeared when Nikan broke her heart and crushed her dreams of forever. She tried to forget him and move on. But the media attention he received made it kind of impossible to forget him. Each glimpse of his scandalous behavior just deepened the wound. She wasn't enough for him...

If it wasn't for his brothers, his self-destructive behavior and downward spiral might have taken him down. But they needed him, and he couldn't let them down. He couldn't deny it when he was told, You are the patriarch of this family you created." He had a responsibility to them that meant he had to keep himself together, so he could keep them together.

Jenny knew that she risked running into him by coming back to town. She was offered a career opportunity that she just couldn't pass up. But she didn't expect to see him so soon and without warning. She realized immediately that he still lit her fire, and the feeling was mutual. But she resisted, not wanting to subject her already broken heart to any further damage. She hoped to avoid him indefinitely, but he wouldn't give up, determined to prove that he had changed. "It wasn't that she forgave Nik per se, but she realized that hating him was taking too much energy."

Would she give him another chance? Was she just opening herself up to more devastation? "What does it mean to be sorry?" Both of them have very painful pasts that make it hard for them to trust. But they also have a history together and a proven ability to sooth each other's soul. How broken is too broken and how many chances are too many? Can trust be restored if love was never lost?

What an emotional journey the author took me on. Not only did I fall deeper for the Preload band family, I also fell for the boys in the group home that the band still supports. They never forgot their beginnings and the place that brought them together, so they reach out and mentor the young boys, giving back. If I start a petition for the author to add more band members so the series can continue indefinitely, will you sign it? I'm suffering withdrawal already at the thought of it being over. I'm already jonesing for Lennon's story. The line forms here...


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