No Trespassing by K.D. Robichaux

No TrespassingNo Trespassing by K.D. Robichaux
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"It was the voice that narrated my every dream at night, after I'd fall asleep watching reruns of No Trespassing."

No Trespassing was a nice treat for me. The author took me in a direction that I hadn't experienced before and I found it very interesting and entertaining. She thrilled me with hidden treasure and suspense and tickled my funny bone with colorful characters and witty banter.

Emmy is a shy nerdy girl with social anxiety. But when her temper kicks in she forgets to be timid and lets loose on her nemesis, Dean. She expects him to respond in kind and is surprised to learn that her fiery outburst is a turn-on for him. That he even notices her at all is confusing to her considering his huge female fan following. While she watches his show for its content, she knows the other females are just watching him. Not that she can blame them, he is gorgeous.

While Dean did graduate from a well-respected college, he did it the hard way, on a full scholarship. He didn't party his way to graduation, he worked his ass off to keep his grades high enough to keep from losing it. While most women only see his looks, he really does have the brains to go with them. After being trapped underground with Emmy for an extended period of time, he finds himself sharing parts of his past that he worked hard to keep hidden from others. There's just something about her easy acceptance and understanding that makes him open up to her. He's not used to women seeing past his appearance and celebrity status. It's refreshing to talk to someone who shares his love for archeology.

Dean takes the wind out of Emmy's sails by not being the jerk that she's made him out to be in her mind. All those conversations she's had with him in her mind are nothing like the real thing. Being forced to spend time with him is the last thing she wanted until she found herself never wanting it to end. He challenged her to step outside of her comfort zone and made her want things she'd quit believing in. But what happens when they get back to the real world? Will he be able to forget about the girl who snuck into the NOLA Catacombs, and snuck out with his heart?

I know I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I really loved this couple and feel no shame in admitting that I enjoy #Enemies2Lovers and #InstaLove. It was a delicious indulgence that was as good as chocolate but with fewer calories. I'll be looking forward to whatever the author has for her readers next. The line forms here...


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