Not Even A Mouse by MariaLisa deMora

Not Even A MouseNot Even A Mouse by MariaLisa deMora
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"Your actions speak for you, even if your words don't.

Not Even A Mouse features Myron, a member of the Rebel Wayfarers MC. I was thrilled to get to spend some time with him and get to know him better. As does every member of the club, he has great respect for the president, Mason. He came into his life at a time when he needed a helping hand and gave him something to work toward. He helped him to build a life that he could be proud of.

Myron has worked his way up through the club and is now a well-respected member. That means a lot to him and he doesn't want to risk losing it. There has been a lot of speculation among the men regarding his love life, but he just lets them come to their own conclusions without contributing. Not having anyone he's been interested in spending time with outside the club, he's been living in his room there. While sometimes he wishes for more, he realizes he's much better off than when Mason found him.

When he unexpectedly meets someone outside the club he finds himself reconsidering the dreams he gave up on long ago. Confessing that, "I never let myself dream of anything this good, because wishes and dreams aren't...productive." He had me wishing and dreaming too, wanting for him what he'd been denied. Feeling the longing with him as he watched his brothers find love and build a family.

He struggles with his new relationship, wanting more, but afraid to step outside of his comfort zone. He has a soul-deep bond with his brothers, and he worried, "Would they still feel the same if they knew every part of him?" He trusted them with his life, but could he trust them with his secret? Would it change their relationship once they knew?

For being such a badass biker, Myron had me smiling and sighing at his big heart. His sweetness with his sister, his protectiveness with the club women, and his gentleness with kids had me convinced he was meant to have a family of his own. Would he be able to get out of his own way and allow it to happen?

What a sweet story this is. It gave me the feels and made me fall even more in love with the Rebel Wayfarers. I can't get enough of them, and I hope I never have to. I'm looking forward to whatever the author has for us next. The line forms here...

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