Plus One by Aleatha Romig

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I have always loved a great Aleatha book and this one did NOT disappoint! She usually writes about romance mixed with suspense, but she turned the tables. It was so much lighter and had a lot of comedic parts to it. The story was a dual POV, which helps see both sides of these amazing characters.

Kimbra works at a pharmaceutical company as one of their Human Resource representatives. She is a hard worker and loves living in New York City. She moved away from her hometown, to become her own person. Kimbra has always been prim and proper, but underneath all is a woman waiting to let loose.

Duncan runs a pharmaceutical company with his college friend. They started the company and its only gotten bigger. Duncan had his heart destroyed at young age and has really just played the field so to speak. He is a family man and stays in touch with them all the time.

Kimbra and Duncan work together at Buchanan and Willis Pharmaceutical. Even though they rarely speak to each other, Duncan is always watching Kimbra. Not in a stalker way, but an endearing one. One night, they run into each other out to dinner and Kimbra's imagination gets the best of her. Her mother had been bugging her about her cousins wedding and her "Plus One", Kimbra was avoiding it at all costs. Duncan sees a chance with an employee at work and is about to get lucky at work, but little does he know Kimbra is in the bathroom. After the realization hits both of them, Kimbra decides to embrace what she witnessed and somehow make her boss her "Plus One".

Will Duncan "seize the opportunity"? Does Kimbra take the weekend and then walk away? Can Duncan show Kimbra he's more than meets the eye and also sequester the rumors about him?

I absolutely loved this book! It was light, romantic, and hilarious. Kimbra and Duncan make the greatest connection on the pages. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a great rom-com!

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