Pulled Under (Walker Security, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones

Pulled Under (Walker Security, #2)Pulled Under (Walker Security, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"The right kind of Beast."

Pulled Under did just that, pulled me under as the author weaved a tale of secrets and suspense. Being a big fan of crime drama on TV, I had the best time testing my profiler skills as I joined the Walker Security team as they worked a dangerous case.

Asher is an Ex-SEAL. But it's hard to tell now that he's covered in tattoos and wears his blond hair long. Nobody would suspect he's working undercover as he smoothly charms the ladies and jokes with the customers as he tends bar. And when the new girl shows up, he can't be blamed for assuming she was there to dance on the bar, right? He thought it was a compliment, but apparently, she found it offensive.

She is on the run. She's working for tips only and that tells him she doesn't want to be found. Just what he needs to bring out his alpha protective instincts. She's fierce and beautiful. And she has no intention of answering any of his questions. Of course, that's what he can't resist, a mystery to solve. And when he learns that she's in danger, good luck getting rid of him. And guess what, Asher is a package deal, he comes with the whole Walker family.

I really enjoyed this installment of the Walker Security series. I'm getting very attached to the men and their women who are also part of the team. Their witty banter is very entertaining and their love and support for each other endearing. I can't wait to meet the women that tame Jacob & Savage, they have their work cut out for them. The line forms here...

$4.99/Amazon (Coming Nov. 28th!)

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