Raw Deal (Larson Brothers, #1) by Cherrie Lynn

Raw Deal (Larson Brothers, #1)Raw Deal by Cherrie Lynn
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"You want to be with a fighter, you gotta learn how to fight."

I've been a Cherrie Lynn fan ever since I came across her Ross Siblings series back in 2013. Somehow this one slipped past my radar; I guess I need to brush up on my stalking skills. It was Raw Need , the next book in the Larson Brothers series that crossed my path, and of course my rockstar radar started flashing. Yup, I'm a rockstar addict and I got very excited to get my hands on that one. So, when I found out it was the 2nd book in the series, I had to rush right over to Amazon and buy this book. Raw Deal. It's about the oldest Larson brother, Mike.

Mike is a MMA fighter, and he's good at it. He learned his skills on the street. As a teenager his fighting instinct was fueled by anger and the need to protect his family. As he got older, it was just a part of him. Something he never planned to give up. But then something happened that made him reconsider. A tragic event that made him reevaluate everything and question his future.

Savannah was very close to her brother, Tommy. He always stood up for her and took her side with their parents. Protecting her and and provoking her. He was the only one allowed to do that. They fought like all kids do, but they loved each other deeply. His loss was devastating. To all of the family, but most especially his wife, Rowan. She had already suffered so much loss, and this was just too much. She was determined to be there for her sister-in-law. As she held her in her arms at the funeral, holding her up as she struggled to get through it, she looked up and saw him. The man responsible for Tommy's death. The fighter who threw the final punch that ended his life. While it's painful for her to see him, she can't deny the pain she sees on his face. There's no doubt in her mind that he regrets the part he played in her brother's death. She feels drawn to him, but she knows there's no way her family would understand.

Are you as intrigued as I was about this story? Talk about forbidden love. Those two are the last two people that should even think about being together. But guess what? They do a lot more than think about it. But how can they ever hope for more? Is the cost too high? Are they willing to find out? Guess you'll have to do what I did, one-click to find out. I'm already a goner, immersed in the Larson brother's business and there's no hope of me butting out at this point. I've got my sights set on Zane, the rockstar. He might as well just hand over my VIP backstage pass now, because I WILL be making a nuisance of myself, stalking and spying on him. See ya there. The line forms here...


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