Raw Heat (Larson Brothers, #3) by Cherrie Lynn

Raw Heat (Larson Brothers, #3)Raw Heat by Cherrie Lynn
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"A genuine laugh from him was like angels singing."

I had a love/hate relationship with this book. I loved it, but I hated that it was the last one in the series. I didn't want it to end. I fell so hard for all three brothers, but I must say that Damien is my favorite. And that's saying a lot since I really really love rockstars. I have a weakness for broken bad boys and though they are all damaged to some degree, Damien is the most closed off. He's got a dark side, and I wanted to go there.

Emma is a good girl for the most part. She is kind of a nerdy accountant who dresses mousy, wears glasses when she's working, and is reserved. She's not blind to the fact that her boss runs an illegal gambling room upstairs. While she doesn't approve, she minds her business. She doesn't make waves. She works hard and collects her very generous paycheck that allows her to help her family. Oh, did I forget to mention that she drools over her extremely sexy boss and becomes tongue tied in his presence? No? Sorry, my bad. Yup, he's all dark from his clothing to his poker face. He doesn't let any emotion show and you never know what he's thinking. But he's good to her. She loves her job and hopes to stay there. So she avoids him as much as possible.

When she finds something in the books that needs his attention, she forces herself to seek him out. Unfortunately, she also finds her brother upstairs in the gambling room. You know, the brother that swears he gave up gambling? Yeah, that one.

Damien noticed Emma right away. He was attracted to her. But he chose not to pursue her. It's hard to find good employees that are trustworthy. It wasn't until she got mad at her brother that he saw a different side to her. The side that goes with her red hair. When she asks him to forgive her brother's debt, he refuses. Instead, he makes her an offer that she can't refuse. But she wants to...or does she?

Holy Hotness Batman! It's more than Raw Heat, it passed that stage and moved right into explosive. Who knew that timid little mousy accountant had what it takes to match the dark devil? I almost scorched my fingers turning the pages on my Kindle. Their deal is only for 30 days. After the first week, I was expecting a visit from the fire department. By the second week, I was asking myself how the hell either of them thought they could possibly walk away from each other a few weeks later. By the third week, I was ready to lock them in a room and force them to admit they had feelings for each other. Of course I planned to lock myself in there with them. Yes, I'm a voyeur. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I was excited that Emma got to meet the women of the other Larson brothers. Of course they all got along. Damien's older brothers have been worried about him for years. He's so withdrawn and refuses to talk about himself or to open up to others. They have found happiness with their soulmates and they want the same for him. He just keeps saying that he doesn't plan to ever get married or have kids. They hope that Emma might be the one to change his mind. But he's put a time limit on their involvement and plans to keep to it.

Yeah, as you probably guessed, I was constantly wishing and waiting for the big man to fall. I was totally invested in their journey and offered lots of unsolicited advice, which they ignored. But I wasn't alone. Emma's bestie, Liz, got dubbed the 'inappropriate cheerleader'. I kinda had a girl crush on her and would love to see her show up in one of the author's future books. I'm a fan, so whatever she decides to write next. The line forms here...

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