Raw Need (Larson Brothers, #2) by Cherrie Lynn

Raw Need (Larson Brothers, #2)Raw Need by Cherrie Lynn
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"Never be afraid to hope."

I've been so excited to read this story that now that I finally did, I feel like I need to smoke a cigarette and bask in the glow. Too bad I don't smoke. This one has intrigued me for a while. There were so many obstacles in the path of even a possibility that my imagination was going crazy trying to figure out how the author was going to make it happen. But there was nothing to worry about, she never lets me down. She's one of my auto-click authors. She writes it, I'll read it, no matter what it's about.

Zane is the 'rockstar' Larson brother. The one that puts all of his pain into his lyrics. He had no idea that he'd been the one to help Rowan through many hard times by writing the words that soothed her soul. Though she had been following him and his band for years, he didn't know who she was until his big brother, Mike, introduced them. He asked Zane to be nice to her. Like that was a chore. He'd like to do a lot more than be nice, he'd like to be naughty with her. But that was not in the cards. He had to let her go.

Zane was the one bright spot in Rowan's life at a time when she needed it most. Though he never knew it, he had comforted her through her deepest sorrows and she fell asleep each night to the sound of his voice. When she had a chance to meet him, to come fact-to-face with her idol, she couldn't resist. She was determined to enjoy this rare opportunity and forget her problems and her pain for one night. She deserved it. She could resume grieving tomorrow, and every day after that. If only it was possible to forget him as she resumed her lonely life after that amazing concert. At least she still had his music to listen to.

As was the case with each of the brothers, they were full of advice that they seldom listened to when directed at themselves. Like Mike didn't listen when warned to stay away from Savannah. Zane wasn't inclined to avoid Rowan. He wanted to see her again. He knew all the reasons why he shouldn't, but it was the one reason that made him believe he should. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Maybe they could just be friends. Yeah, like that was possible.

I totally got my rockstar fix, enjoying the concert experience and the tour bus ride. I wore my imaginary VIP all-access pass backstage and peeked into the dressing rooms. I cheered behind the scenes, rooting for Zane and Rowan to find a way to be together, in spite of the obstacles.
Human obstacles
mostly. But very effective ones. And I got a little peek at the last Larson brother. He's the secretive one. The one with the poker face that never gives anything away. I want to know what's in his head and I can't wait for his story. The line forms here...


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