Ready for Wild (Grand Valley, #3) by Liora Blake

Ready for WildReady for Wild (Grand Valley, #3) by Liora Blake
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

So many 'filthy and fabulous' moments to enjoy.

This is my 2nd Liora Blake book, but the first in the Grand Valley series. While they were totally different from each other, the author's talent and sense of humor shined through in both. She kept me smiling from beginning to end while reading Ready for Wild

Braden has a 'porcupine personality' per his boss. Which makes his job as a game warden perfect for him. He gets to spend lots of time outdoors, and alone. When he learns that a sexy pin-up version of a game hunter with her own reality TV show is coming to check out his territory, he's not happy. His disdain for her profession is something he doesn't even try to hide when he meets her for the first time. While he can't deny she's beautiful, camo should not be pink! His prickly personality is not the best kept secret, however; his coworkers have been around him long enough to see that underneath his growly exterior is a true friend willing to help out when needed.

Amber was subjected to, "An hour and a half hiking behind that behind while it flexes away, right in front of you. Good luck trying to keep from noticing-or appreciating-it. I know I was only there virtually, but I was mentally appreciating it. I was also appreciating the witty banter and sarcasm as he suffered through the experience, having drawn the short straw with the other game wardens who actually wantedbto be her tour guide. I could feel the chemistry between them as they bickered. I was rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the explosion that I knew would occur when they finally gave into the sparks flying.

It only got better from there as the grunting and gasping escalated when they went belly to belly over many topics and situations. It was a very entertaining read and a nice break after reading something heavy or dark. #TeamYeti

$7.99/Amazon (Coming October 31st!) 

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