Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10) by Sawyer Bennett

Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10)Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10) by Sawyer Bennett
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Put a muzzle on Screaming Barbie."

The author had me laughing out loud in the first chapter of Reed and totally invested from the get-go. I devoured this latest installment in the Cold Fury Hockey series in one sitting, unable to put it down.

Reed & Josie are a perfect example of the opposites attract theory. His tastes run to what she calls Barbie dolls, the tall, blonde and stacked variety. She's witnessed his neverending supply coming and going and has started labeling them #ScreamingBarbie #CarbieBarbie #FashionistaBarbie #DitzyBarbie, etc... She's not threatened by them, she just can't get any sleep with all the noise and headboard banging coming from the bedroom next door. She's an ER Physician and works 12+ hour shifts, she needs her sleep. When she knocks on his door at 1:00 AM to complain he's highly amused by her snark. He's mentally agreeing with her description of the blonde currently standing naked behind him. She's nothing like what he's drawn to in a sexual way, but she seems like she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with as a friend.

Josie is not intimidated by Reed's celebrity status because she doesn't even own a television. Since she's not trying to draw his attention, she just takes it in stride when she gets it. She finds their friendly banter amusing and she doesn't pull any punches when she teases him about his Barbies. When he sees her coming home late and offers to share his pizza they become buds. Since she is not his type, being short with brown hair and a brain, she is not expecting more. But that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate his physical perfection and have fantasies about being the girl in the bed that's banging against the wall.

It was a delicious delight watching this cute couple argue with themselves and each other. Of course, I knew that they would eventually give up and give in. It was so fun anticipating how and when that would happen. I can't get enough of this series, and I hope it keeps going forever. The author teased me mercilessly by giving me a glimpse into the future regarding another #HockeyHottie and I'm excited to get to know him and the lady in his future better. The line forms here...

$5.99/Amazon (Coming Feb. 6th!)

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