Reservations by Kindle Alexander

ReservationsReservations by Kindle Alexander
Laura's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

I have not met/read a Kindle Alexander book that I have not loved from the very start. Aside from the fact that I am a huge sucker for a really good M/M, I love the characters and the storyline that is created within the pages of this book. The angst, the heartache, the chemistry!!! This writing duo has once again delivered an amazing book that will have you swooning and feeling all emotional at the same time.

Levi Silva is a hard worker, not one to accept handouts and help. Finishing medical school is within his reach and then tragedy strikes. Forced to return home to care for his two younger brother's Luke and Logan, Levi won't let anything stand in his way of providing for his siblings. When the opportunity arises to be a waiter at the new local club, Reservations, Levi sees it as a chance to make good money, so that he can give his younger brothers a good life. Taking care of them is his number one priority and you can't help but fall in love with him for how caring and devoted he is to them. With a strong work ethic, he throws himself into his job, until he meets the owner and his world is brought to a screeching halt.

Thane Walker has built quite the wealth for himself at the young age of twenty-nine. He is the owner of many successful restaurants and has now jumped into the nightclub scene. Reservations is his latest endeavor and is becoming wildly successful. Thane likes to work hard and play harder. He has no shortage of bedmates and wants nothing to do with relationships. Something that he learned first hand from his parents. When he comes face to face with his newest employee, he cannot deny the feeling and explosive chemistry that surrounds them.

Thane and Levi are seriously one of the hottest couples that I have read about, not just in M/M, but in general. I was hooked on their story from the first page and soaked it up to the very end. I did not want it to end!!! I loved the fact that I got to see bits and pieces of the lives of characters from previous books. I always love to see how all their paths cross and where they end up in life. It adds more dimension to the story and allows the reader to continue to connect with the characters from past books.

The writing duo of Kindle Alexander has written a sexy, endearing, emotional, angsty, heartwarming read. If you are looking for an amazing book to get lost in for the afternoon with characters that will have you swooning and then wanting more, then grab your copy of Reservations and see just what Levi and Thane's Reservations may be!

5 iScream Stars!

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